Ethical and Social Issues of Driverless Cars

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Running head: DRIVERLESS CARSTopic-“Ethical and social issues that will affect the society if driverless cars are introduced in thefuture”Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1DRIVERLESS CARS1. IntroductionThe paper reflects on “Ethical and social issues that will affect the society if driverlesscars are introduced in the future”. According toRichtel and Dougherty, driverless cars aregenerally defined as robotic vehicles that are mainly designed for traveling between destinationswithout a proper human operator [5]. It is identified that driverless cars will be helpful ineliminating accidents that are generally caused due to the error of the driver. Furthermore, thedriverless car will be advantageous in improving the traffic flow by dramatically enhancinghighway capacity and will also assists in eliminating different types of traffic congestion [3]. Inspite of the advantages, driverless cars can creates number of ethical as well as social issues thatgenerally assists in affecting the society. In this report, different types of ethical as well as socialissues that are associated with driverless cars are elaborated.2. Ethical as well as social issues that are associated with driverless carsThe driverless cars are generally representing major innovation for the entire automotiveindustry as their potential impact in context to timing as well as uptakes remains hazy. Theautomotive vehicles are generally playing a significant role in context to economy, mobility aswell as society [6]. They will be quite helpful in reducing traffic, enhancing safety, bettertransportation service, as well as helpful in reduced emission. In spite of the advantages, it isanalyzed that there are number of ethical and social issues that will affect the society if driverlesscars are introduced in the future.The technologies that are associated with driverless cars are presenting number of ethicalchallenges. One of the common arguments on behalf of driverless cars is that they are helpful indecreasing traffic accidents by enhancing the welfare of the humans. Even if it is found to be
2DRIVERLESS CARStrue, it is identified that deep questions remain about how the companies of car or the publicpolicy will be helpful in identifying or safety. The question that whether artificial intelligencecan actually replace the different capacities associated with moral agents leads to the rise oftrolley problem [4].The engineers who are associated with driverless cars will need to tackle thequestions as well as different complicated scenarios.Another ethical concern related with the introduction of driverless cars is the loss ofnumber of the drivers. It is identified that more than 3.5 million drivers of truck generallyoverhaul cargo as per the statistics of American trucking associations [7]. If driverless cars willbe introduced then the drivers of the automobile will lose their jobs which, is considered as oneof the ethical responsibility of the society [2]. The displacement of the people from their job isnot only the transformation of labor but also the transformation inn transportation whethertransport, public or private.Autonomous cars generally will make decision depending on speed, road conditions,weather as well as data gathered with the help of different sensors that generally includeLiDARS and radars. The driverless cars will generally calculate the course of action as per thespeed of travelling as per example [1]. However the main problem is in processing as well asgathering the required data that quickly enough for avoiding dangerous situations. It is identifiedthat during this situations, it only depends on the vehicle to keep an individual alive or dead. Oneof the biggest concerns is to keep the autonomous vehicle protected from hackers.Due to the use of driverless cars, there are number of understandable concerns that areassociated with vulnerability as well as network malfunction that is generally an issue forindividuals, governments as well as in business. It is identified that the security of customer data,
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