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Ethical Considerations DraftIndividuals are very obedient when they found out that there is a security enforcement behind them. What is the point of installing cameras in the traffic light? to enforce individuals to obey traffic regulations. Installing cameras in the traffic light has help reduce traffic accident. Also, installing cameras has been one of the good reason to enforce red light violations, so that the “Cops” will concentrate in the other issues. Therefore, speed cameras are installed in traffic light to catch lawless drives in the act. In my point of view, this law looks little bit hush though this idea will save a lot of lives and reduce the disability rate but. “According to John Townsend AAA Mid-Atlantic’s manager of public and government affairs in Washington DC said they are just really activating every camera that they have in place”. In Washington DC Speed enforcement cameras in the District are generating so many tickets that if the current pace continues, the cameras will have generated 1.4 million tickets withfines reaching $148 million by the end of the year, AAA Mid-Atlantic estimated. The city’s speed cameras generated just over 282,000 tickets in fiscal year 2014 for annual revenue of nearly $37.5 million, down from more than 419,000 tickets and $75.7 million in fiscal year 2013.Relying on a Freedom of Information Act request, AAA found that speed cameras arrayed on roadways throughout the city kicked out more than 365,000 tickets in the first four months of thefiscal year, ending Feb. 15, 2016. The revenue from those citations is more than $37 million about the same as the revenue from the entire fiscal year 2014. However, installation more cameras in Washington DC around September, 2016 has decrease speeding and running red light. the Howard county County police department is one

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