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Drug addiction among Australian Youths and prevention.

Added on - 15 Jun 2021

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Key FactsDrug addiction has a devastating and chronicimpact on human body and mind.According to the National Drug StrategyHousehold Survey, 2016, among the Australianpeople around 3.1 million Australians are takingillegal drugs.In fact, more than 23,000 secondary students inthe age between 12 and 17 have practise oftaking drugs.36% of the Australian youths and college goersare suffering with Alcohol problems.Moreover, 10% of them use other kinds of drugslike Cannabis (Van Wormer & Davis, 2016).Using hallucinogens like LSD are very rare andapproximately 97% of the Australians neverhaving used it.Among them, 2% of the students useperformance enhancing drugs such as steroids.
Drug prevention methodsThere are some universal programsthat address risk and protective factorscommon to all children in a givensetting such as schools or community.In addition to this, the selectiveprograms are set up with the purposeto target limited groups of children andyouths who are suffering with drugaddiction (Bogenschutz & Johnson,2016).Furthermore, there is another drugpreventive program which is restrictedto individual drug abusers. It is knownas the indicated program which areprimarily put emphasis on the childrenand youths addicted to drugs andalcohol.
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