Report on Issue of Drug Distribution System

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Running head: CAPITAL PURCHASE1Drug Distribution systemName:Institution:Date:
CAPITAL PURCHASE2Executive SummaryThe report delves into the issue of drug distribution system of a professional healthorganization that seeks to state clearly the purpose of budgeting for the distribution system.Capital purchase of the organization should be considered by the management inorder tobudget for the capital item. Drug distribution system is important in quality control of thedrugs distribution system. The main components include;Capital purchaseQuality control of capital purchase item and componentsManagement GoalsControl the capital purchase itemCapital budgetRisksPrimary stakeholders in healthcareIn conclusion, the capital budgeting in a drug delivery system should be assessed by all thestakeholders involved and the risks in in delivery system mitigated. When the drug deliverysystem is designed, it should match all the requirements needed for a good delivery system.
CAPITAL PURCHASE3IntroductionCapital purchaseAny purchasing manager should have a thorough knowledge of the suppliers that operate intheir sector and market. This implies owning and managing information of all kinds withrespect to said suppliers: catalog of materials and products that each one can offer, qualitiesin relation to price, delivery times and reliability of said times, geographic distance to ourorganization, level of economic sanitation , and image within the sector, this among otheraspects. It is also interesting to investigate any incursion by a new supplier and not beinfluenced by the "bargains" that many new suppliers offer potential customers to increasetheir portfolio quickly (McMillan & McMillan, 2003).Periodically analyze the prices of raw materials, components or materials, Having updatedprice information for material and product in reference to each supplier can be a time savingand at the same time can help the production and design area to calculate the final price of aproduct that you want to launch and therefore, study its future viability.Quality control of capital purchase item and componentsTo better understand the role of the purchasing department, consider some of the functions itperforms.In regards to Structural rather than hierarchically, the purchasing manager is acrucial position within an organization because of its decisions are derived and commit largeoutlays of the capital of an organization. This is both at the level of provisioning theorganization (in its purest operational aspect of repeating a purchase) as to strategicallydefine and manage an investment (McMillan & McMillan, 2003).Purchasing manager functions
CAPITAL PURCHASE4Among the most important functions of the head of purchases include the following:Prospecting, searching and negotiating with suppliersManagement GoalsIf the organization has its department of quality or an independent department that does thecontrol of the materials and products that are acquired, it is convenient that the head of thedepartment participate or at least have the data of the results of these purchases.Control all the document management that accompanies each purchase, The head ofpurchases should ensure the management of knowledge in his area ofcontrol within theorganization. This not only implies to have a perfect documentary control of each purchase,but also to elaborate protocols that speed up the processes and thereby reduce costs in thefuture.Real-time information on the stock of the organizationIn reference to all the capital purchase system and components that being purchased, it isimportant to understand their effect to the organization. Although the purchasing area is notdirectly related to the inventory control of an organization, it is convenient for the purchasingmanager to have real-time information on the state of the drug delivery system warehouse.To finish simply add that the head of purchases must also be prepared (although there arecurrently specialists in this) to address the purchase of equipment, although mostorganizations choose to make this type of purchases as important rely on specializedconsultants at the financial level to carry out the appropriate studies.
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