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DUBAI LUXURY TOURISM1Literature ReviewIn recent years, the diversification and expansion of luxury tourism have been raisingcontinuously, and it has become the greatest sector of the economy worldwide. The arrival ofinternational tourist is experiencing the expansion from 529 million in 1997 to approximately 1.2billion in 2015. Further, Dubai is the land of sand, sun, and exuberance as it is the most famousdestination for holidays in the world and the global market share continues to imprint, despite thevarious challenges which are being faced by the region of gulf cooperation council.Luxury StayThe Burj Al Arab hotel is one of a fascinating luxury places in Dubai in order to stay. There arearound 270 hotels and 95 apartment hotels with approximately 7600 apartments which arefurnished. But the luxury tourist icon for Dubai is Burj Al Arab hotel. Further, the RF hotels arethe best chain of luxury hotels in Dubai (Sutton, J., Verginis, C., & Eltvik, L. 2004). The themeof the hotels is based on the old traditions, and they are very fascinating in order to attract morecustomers. The hotels provide first class services to the customers like Balmoral, Savoy, etc.Every hotel in Dubai is rich in nationality, history, and location (Dubai, C. 2010). Theydemonstrate the authenticate character’s experience in the accommodation, quality, food, and thegreatest quality of customer service which is being customized for the tourists (Gregorec et al.,2015). The fabrics and the furniture of the luxury hotels are fascinating as the personal touch andornaments develop an indulging and welcoming atmosphere (Atwal, G., & Williams, A. 2009).The rooms of the luxury hotels provide great comfort along with the advanced technology.Further, the authentication is not at all compromised as it is the essence of the brand which issecured because of the premium price (Nadkarni, S., & Heyes, A. 2016).
DUBAI LUXURY TOURISM2Luxury AttractionsDubai is famous for its luxury travel and tours as it has high-sky towers, the islands which are aman- made, best restaurants of the world, etc. There is also a helicopter tour in order to get theview of bird’s eye of the metropolis of Emirate (Prayag, G., & Hosany, S. 2014). There are alsoprivate luxury tours like Liwa Oasis as its beauty is breathtaking and the rolling dunes offer acontrast to the opulence of man-made which was identified elsewhere in this country (Ryan, C.,& Ninov, I. 2011).Further, the oasis of the desert is located outside Dubai which offers thecontrast to the metropolis (Smith, R. G. 2014). In the wildlife sanctuary, the tourists can rejoicethe games of wildlife, the nature walk, and the desert safari. The sunshine in the Dubai's emirateattracts a great number of tourists from the various regions of the world (Peter, S., &Anandkumar, V. 2011). Desert Safari, Gold Souk and the Dhow Cruise, the Emirates mall withthe Ski slope along with the greatest fountains of the world, aquarium and ice rink, Atlantis, etc.are the best luxury places which the tourist must visit (Thurlow, C., & Jaworski, A. 2012).Luxury TravelDubai is also popular for abra which is the luxurious water taxi that provides ride on the creek ofDubai. Dubai offers aerial tour which provides tremendous experience for the people who wantsluxury travelFakhry, H. A. 2015).The tour offers unique view of Dubai which ranges from thePalm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. The timings of the ride ranges from 12 to 22minutes. Further the aviation services of Falcon is mainly responsible for the helicopter tour forsightseeingBiass, E. H. 2012). The services have raised around 20 percent from the last year andit demonstrates the positive growth in future. The main advantage of this service is that itprovides hassle free and stress free ride to the tourists (Kaplan, R. D. 2004). The market of UAE
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