Assignment 06: OpenGL Implementation


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DUE DATE: Nov. 19, 2017Purpose: Practice in OpenGL.Convert your assignment 05 program to use OpenGL (You MUST use OpenGLfor this assignment).When you start your program it should automatically read a file called "cameras_06.txt". This file contains the information about cameras.Notes:"cameras_06.txt' file may include information about multiple cameras.The format of "cameras_06.txt" is different from the previous assignment.Detail format for the "cameras_05.txt" file:c // Start the definition of a new camera.i camera_name //Name of the camera. Default=""t Parallel / Perspective // Define camera type. Default= parallele <x> <y><z>//Define Eye (WC)l <x> <y><z>//Define Look at point (WC)u <x> <y><z>//Define VUP (WC)w <umin><umax><vmin><vnax><nmin><nmax>//Define View Volume(VRC). Default= -1 , 1, -1, 1, -1, 1s <xmin><ymin><xmax><ymax. //Define viewport (normalized coordinates). Default=0.1, 0.1, 0.9, 0.9Since using Tkinter with OpenGL is complicated, This assignment does not require that you create interactive buttons or menu items. All commands may be performed by key strokes. You will get an extra 20 points if you implement Tkinter interactive buttons in the same window with OpenGL.Commands for this lab include:Input File Name:This command loads all the data and parameters from a text file. Hitting the "n" key should prompt the user for the name of the file. (The default value for the file name should be "pyramid_05.txt")Load and Display:This command should load and display the input file. Hitting the "d" key should load the input file and and redisplay all the viewports. Notice that thiscommand should reload the "cameras_05.txt" file and reset all the viewing coordinates.

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