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Due: Nov 27 (Wednesday, 11:30pm.

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CSIS 3380 - ProjectDue: Nov 27 (Wednesday, 11:30pm1.Project Detailsi.Checkers (2- players)b.Should be able to keep track of the following informationi.Game play information1.Who played2.Who won3.When (date and time)ii.Top 10 players (Categorized by game)1.Example: In the top 10 players of checkers.c.Should be able to handle N games at the “same time”i.Example: 3 groups could visit your site and play your online gamed.Challenge (bonus)i.Allow a player to find a competitor online ii.OR allow two friends to play against each other from their own machineRequirements1.Working Application / Correctness[6 marks]2.Software maintenance[2 marks]a.Upgrades / customizationb.Debuggingc.Preventive measures i.Short/concise code3.Look and Feel / Design[4 marks]a.Layout, color scheme, font, ...i.Consistency / common themeb.Intuitivec.Footer should contain a link to page with the names of each team memberd.Navigatione.Mobile First design - / Presentation[3 marks]Must use technologiesHTML, CSSJavaScript, JQueryPHP / NodeJSMySQL (optional) 1

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