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During traditional shopping online, there was little possibility of knowing whether deals were going on and whether they have the particular product and their time spent doing traditional shopping was still standing in the queue to get the groceries done.But now it's time parents buy groceries online at more than twice the rate of consumers as a whole, a survey finds. millennial parents do so at the highest rate of all, it says. 10% of parents and 13% of millennial parents say they order groceries online once per week from a local store. That's compared with 6% of overall consumers. Among all consumers, 81% say they search for coupons online prior to a trip to a grocery store. That number grows to 91% for all parents and 92% for millennial parents. 73% of respondents say they download paperless discounts onto theirstore shopper/loyalty cards. (Digital Commerce,2018)Apps designed to save customers money are now increasing quickly, according to the report. Thefastest-growing category is apps that retailers are creating for their customers to use. The survey found that 56 percent of consumers now use those apps, up from 38 percent in 2016. (Deloitte,2018)Online shops give us the chance to shop24 x 7, and also offer us a great deal as well as online shopping saves time and at the same moment we get deliver to our house within 1 hour.At All Seasons Place, Penang shoppers will now be offering low-priced food, fresh market, bakery and halal and non-halal and liquor products. Francis Teng, director of Hero Market, said they have invested RM5mil into the supermarket, which offers goods 'direct from the farm.’(Sun,2018)So basically if Jaya Grocer goes Online is a one-stop online center for all of the daily food needs.Jaya Grocer Online can offer a wide range of quality products including fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry and a wide range of imported products from around the world. You can also get a broad variety of non-halal products from Hank's. They also provide organic section for the health-conscious consumers that is filled with all people 'll ever need for a healthier our self. We also emphasize the freshness and consistency of our goods to ensure that our customers always get the best in foodstuffs. Hero market should take these steps to improve their app.Consumer personalization: - An app should meet the personal requirements of a user and satisfy their needs.Convenience: - An app should be user friendly and intuitive, so that a user does not end up wasting his time.Economic advantages: - An app can give a consumer way to save money, including vouchers or loyalty services. Ex like Jaya Grocer X CIMB Visa E-Cash Voucher.The Jaya Grocer platform is a prime example of marketplace solutions that make it easy for usersto create lists of grocery shopping, place an order from hero market app and get delivery in an hour.
Jaya Grocer is a mix of models on demand, sharing, payment, and aggregator, and an e-commerce website. The entire process of ordering foodstuffs via Jaya Grocer can be defined as:A client creates a list of grocery stores and pays through their e-wallet.A professional shopper gets the order and picks up the groceries.The shopper pays the bill through either an app or a debit card.These products are delivered to customer by the shopper.The shopper later receives a bonus with the money back.Grocery loyalty services that support the committed customer first order and offer before other customers due to loyalty.Coupon trendsConsumers use vouchers, irrespective of the type of products they purchase. The study showed that old-fashioned paper coupons remain largely popular with customers but they are losing ground for online ways to offer discounts.Through the Jaya Grocer app, for example, Jaya Grocer launched My Jaya Grocer Rewards. In order to earn loyalty points (stars) customers must order or pay through the Jaya Grocer App. Centralizing customer transactions is a priceless source of customer preferences and behavior information that empowers a business to offer more relevant campaigns and communication withconsumers.Five of the most searched after features on the Apps Store List1.Shopping list: - Grocery shopping list apps can add an in-app dictionary to make shopping more convenient. All items that a user enters into the app can be added to the dictionary. Users can also use saved shopping lists and view frequently bought items.2.Ability to track spending: - Users want to have an overview of their spending in their favorite supermarket combined with infographics. This app allows users to stay within their budgets by informing about the expected cost of items.3.Coupons and loyalty programs: - Grocery coupons come in different forms, both digital and paper. Online grocering services can generate relevant coupons based on shopping history, current shopping lists and location.4.Barcode scanning and aisle locations:- Users aim their phone camera at the barcode of an item and see the price on their screen. They can then add the item to an electronic shopping basket.

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