Dynamic System Modelling and Control | Assignment

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Dynamic System Modelling and Control
1.IntroductionSeveral parameters has been controlled the motorbike model development. It has severalcriteria. . The simple motorbike implementation associated with 1DOF and vibration analysis isthe major aim of this project. By using Matlab, the motorbike has been implemented. It can beutilized in all the developments. The several advantages of the motorbike includes safety andcomfort ability. The vibration response and DOF controls the system of dynamic.2.System of motorbike analysisFig 1: motorbike schematic diagramThe motorbike schematic diagram describes the motorbike performance. The throttle is theinput which is given to bike. After that the engine will start and enhance the performance. Oneof the power transmission is the torque converter. Mph is the output. The output changes withrespect to speed (DiStefano, Stubberud and Williams, 2014).
3.1 DOFIt explains the single independent function (co-ordinate).Fig 2: SDOF in vertical positionThe figure explains the 1 DOF vertical position.. Based on the figure, to calculate thederivations of single degree freedom.F=m*a4.Laplace Transform of SDOF:The Laplace Transform is the method for solving the differential equation and itconverts the time domain equation into algebraic equation which interms of complex variables.Modelling equation :----------(1)The above equation is the Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF).5.Transfer Function of SDOF:The transfer function is defined as the ratio of output X(S) to the input F(S).G(S)=X(S)/F(S)
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