BMP3006 Practical Digital Marketing

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eBSc (Hons) Business Management withFoundationBMP3006Practical Digital MarketingAssessment 1The role of digital marketing andsocial media marketing – theory andexamplesSubmitted by:Name:ID:0
ContentsIntroduction2Part 12Explanation of marketing2An explanation of what the marketing mix is and where thecommunications mix fits2An explanation digital marketing5An explanation of social media marketing5An explanation of why Digital marketing andsocial mediamarketingare important to contemporary businesses5Part 26Two examples of social media content that really work andjustification of why they work6Screen shots of effective campaigns with reference to establishedmodels and standards for digital marketing7Why social media content is effective?8Conclusion10References111
IntroductionToday's Digital world has unlocked the way for a wide range of market opportunities.Social media sites encourage you not only to share a personal picture of yourbirthday but also to attract consumers and to meet them comfortably. The quick andeasy exchange of knowledge through the digital media and helps to raise a companyis great (Heinze et al. 2016).Part 1Explanation of marketingMarketing is the management mechanism that recognizes, anticipates, and meetsthe productivity of consumers. Marketing is also a social and managementmechanism in which individuals and organizations accomplish what they want orneed, producing and sharing goods and value (Heinze et al. 2016).An explanation of what the marketing mix is and where thecommunications mix fitsThe 4 Ps marketing frameworksynchronizes the 4 fundamental pillars of everymarketing strategy: product, price, place, and promotion.It sounds straightforwardand it is (Heinze et al. 2016). The concept is that you'll produce more revenue if youintroduce them:Product – The business sells the commodity. It may be a commodity in thedrink industry like a soft drink or dresses in a clothes shop. Services likeconsultancy or pay talk shows or even a counselling session may also beincluded. In short, the commodity is all that the customer must sell. Definingthis in the four-person approach requires knowing whether the offer needs tobe isolated from rivals and consumers. What makes your product so nice orunique, in other words.It's going to be very difficult to survive if you don't stickout (Kizgin et al. 2019).Price – The price is easy and relates to how much the commodity is priced (orservice).And though it is easy to comprehend, the "right" price is very difficultto come to terms with. The one that produces not only the highest revenue,but also the biggest profit. How do you like to be sensed, is the mainquestion?Amazon wants you to get the most highly rated A to Z items. And,2
naturally, it is easy to deliver, so it's comfortable for everyone (Kizgin et al.2019).Place – In order to meet your clients, the Digital age has raised newobstacles. Place refers to providing consumers with access to the product andoften calls for customer play comfort. It is a matter of commercializing the rightcommodity, by digital means or otherwise, in the right location, at the rightprice, at the right time before the consumer. Even though your businesstransactions can only be done in-house or online, consumers can alsoconnect in several ways with your brand or goods. It is important tounderstand how each location affects the customer satisfaction total (Kizgin etal. 2019).Promotion – Now how can weget the product to the customers? Thepromotion relates mainly to marketing communications within the context offour Ps. Such communication uses such platforms as public affairs,advertisement, direct marketing,emailmarketing, digital marketing, or salespromotions; see this as any means by which marketers reveal theirconsumers' product information (Kizgin et al. 2019).Communication MixMarketing involves research and development on goods, merchandising, supply andprice procedures and communication or advertising. marketing is the general role ofbusiness. The combination of contact extends to various ways of marketing thecompany or its goods to specific clients. There are five items in some illustrations ofthe communication strategies, while others adda sixth,event sponsorship(Toews2018).The Advertising Aspect – The most influential aspect of the contact mix is alsoads. Currently, advertisement and publicity are frequently misinterpreted.Marketing incorporates all messages that a business country can send to atarget audience via a medium. Since most paid communications are included,businesses often devote a considerable portion of their advertising budget toadvertisements. While it may be expensive, the advertiser oversees thedelivered message, as it pays for the TV, radio, printed or web (Toews 2018).3
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