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Business Assignment: E-Business

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: E-BUSINESSE-BusinessName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1E-BUSINESSIntroductionThe following report is based on the specific practices learned in the course are supposedto be applied to enhance the existing performance ofInterDigital. Among the best practices,lean production practice has been selected which offers the most promising method but it is yetnot widely used. In order to implement the practices, advanced information technologies wouldbe used, which is further elaborated in the report. Moreover, an appropriate justification has alsobeen provided in the report.DiscussionInter-Digital Inc.designs and develops advanced technologies that enables as well asenhances mobile communications and capabilities. Highly qualified engineers at Inter-Digitaldeveloped a wide range of innovations that are used in digital cellular as well as wirelessproducts, networking and other IEEE 802 related products (, 2018). However, theorganization is small, thereby, it often faces the challenge of capital investment and a projectmight require a large investment. The organization faces the scarcity of resource. Thus, to dealwith such challenges, the organization needs to alter or implement a new management practice,which could help to control waste and apply adequate resource to complete the project.Even though there has been several management or organizational practices, the organizationcannot operate its functions with one single practice or approach. Therefore, the organizationalways has to design or develop new practice to adapt to the new environment. The following aresome of the best practices applicable for the organization.As put forward by Foss, Laursen and Pedersen (2011) most innovative organizationsusually did not luck into hiring creative people; instead they place creative people and keep them
2E-BUSINESSinto creative culture. With the evolution of technology, organizations have become moreadvanced about the culture and trends. Every organization prefers to develop a culture that helpsto sustain their organizational productivity and growth. As the industry environment has becomecompetitive in nature, in order to sustain in the market, the organizations have to think ofdeveloping something unique, which is similar to innovation. Thus,innovationaids in creatingorganizational value.The researches exemplify that organization that have the ability to recognize their mostcreative employees could enhance their creativity and competency of the employees byproviding them self-sufficiency to work on projects that are usually interesting to them (FossLaursen & Pedersen, 2011). Thereby, the organization couldreward innovationby providingemployees withadequate work.It is observed thatlean productionis an assembly-line methodology which wasdeveloped for Toyota and manufacturing of automobiles. A major principle of lean production isto create focus for eliminating waste and providing employees with the authority for reducing theinventory and enhanced productivity. Therefore, if Inter-Digital wants to become lean, it musttake a serious look at the processes and practices to recognize the things that truly create valuefor the customers and omit those that do not create any value. With the lean practice, theproduction process and the activities of production can directly be identified in this value vs.non-value campaign. As put forward by Wisdom et al., (2014), lean practice certainly goesbeyond the plant, which means the indirect activities such as logistic, administration,warehousing and other non-manufacturing activities could benefit much from the lean practice.
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