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2.1 Various Types of E-Business Infrastructure Technologies
The management of a better e-business should set a better infrastructure technologies
channel that will allow the smooth flow of products and services between the organization
and the customers or the final consumers. Delivery of original and without damaged products
that are being drawn from the warehouses to the customers can be included in proper
infrastructure technology. The products or services delivered to the customer or the consumer
should be satisfying, secured and well protected, which is the responsibility of the
organization (Baltzan 2012). The Mahara industry should provide warranty of certain days
for the products and the services that are being offered in order to increase the trust of the
customers on the organization that the organization will provide the product as per the
demand of the consumers. That guarantee should cover all the technical faults or the damage
that have occurred during the delivery process.
2.2 Business Models
A business model of an organization is an abstract representation of that organization
that could be in the form of conceptual, graphical or textual. This abstract should contain
financial arrangements and interrelated architectural developed and designed by the
organization itself. This should be created by minding the present and the future of the
organization, which could be done efficiently and effectively by the business that is
practicing the e-portfolio in order to design the business models and then core services or
products that the organization is offering.(Trimi and Berbegal-Mirabent 2012) This should
also be based on the particular arrangements that are stated above in this paragraph that are
important in order to achieve the strategic objectives and goals of the organization. It will
indicate the modelling information that are related to the total cost of the ownership, revenue
structure and the pricing methods (Value Finance), Value Proposition and the infrastructure

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