Early Childhood Assignment

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Running head: EARLY CHILDHOODEarly ChildhoodName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1EARLY CHILDHOODIntroductionThe assignment helps in understanding about my experience in being the Pre School Principal inABC Preschooland working in this particular industry for the last 15 years. The assignment willhelp in making the readers understand about the different issues that are faced by me in thecurrent Pre School wherein I am working as the principal and there are few changes that I wantto get it incorporated in the Montessori school regarding the numeracy & literacy education inthe playgroup.The assignment will be based on my experiences in thelast 15 years as the Pre SchoolTeacherand it will include the different methods with the medium of playing as to incorporateproper learning of literacy as well as numeracy. The main purpose of the assignment is toimplement the different strategies in the school by conducting the hands on activities to teach theconcept related to the conducting proper lessons.This will be a reflective essay that will be based on my experiences as the Pre SchoolPrincipal and the different strategies that are required to be implemented by them in order tochange the techniques of learning with paying methods.My position as the principalI was the principal of Pre School for the last 15 years wherein I facilitated teaching aswell as learning in proper inclusive as well as integrated program of preschool. There weredifferent duties that were performed by me as it is essential to perform the duties as the childrenare the main concerns of the school and proper health and safety is required to be maintained inthe school. Theentire responsibility of taking proper care of the children in the Pre School isof the teachers and the other members as they are the toddlersand they are the ones who are
2EARLY CHILDHOODjust of 18 months to 2 years old. I introduced different strategies in the previous school whereinthe children were taught about the different concepts, rhymes as well as other lessons with theproper medium of playing technique. This has helped me in making the students aware about thedifferent rhymes by making them do it practically by introducing different procedures ofteaching as they are just toddlers. I feel I have a proper understanding about the different needsof the children that has to be properly addresses and this will help us in focusing on the differentrequirements of the students making them learn different activities that are different from theacademic fields.My experience in other preschoolsI haveworked with different Montessori schools wherein I felt the main requirement ofthe children are not the academic requirementsbut the teachers of the Montessori schools hasto properlyfocus on the encouragement as well as respecting the individual differences of thedifferent children. I have personally trained the teachers who had been appointed to take careand learn the children about the different issues that cannot be expressed by them, the duty of theteachers of the schools were to nurture proper environment in order to properly teach emotionalskills as well as create proper social interaction as well. According to me,the development ofthe child takes place in different stages that are unique in nature and that requires a strategyof teaching that will be slightly different from the normal teaching strategy. The differentstages of the infants are when the child starts differentiating between self and the other studentsin the classroom, when there is a development of ego in the children wherein there is a feelingthat they have knowledge and interest about different things than the other students of their ageand when the toddlers start performing activities by watching the others perform such kind ofactivities.
3EARLY CHILDHOODAccording to me,the children of such age should not be instructed with lecture notesor worksheets or by providing lessons as this will not be helpful in nature to teach the studentswho are just the toddlers, but there should be proper requirements of the learning that will bebased on acting as well as through making the children explore about the different thingssuch as toys or other interesting things that can attract them. This will help the teachers as wellas the children to grasp the different kinds of concepts with the help of teaching them with thehelp of proper feel or touch of such things. I feel that the Montessori schooling has to be done insuch way that it will help in understanding the requirements of the different toddlers as they areonly 18 months to maximum of 2 years old and they do not have any understanding about thedifferent kinds of teaching that are taught to the children or the students who are grown up.Different workshopsI feel theworkshops have to be organized properly by the schools for the individualswho are interested in becoming and pursuing the course of being a teacher in the Pre School.The workshops and the programs of trainingwill help in making the individuals aware aboutthe different issues and challenges that will be faced by them in this particular field and thenselect the candidates who can pass all the challenges and they are the ones who have the propercapacity to handle the kids properly in the schools. Previously, I have worked with differentpreschool institutions wherein I myself created workshops with other experienced individuals asthis helped me in providing the individuals training in handling the kids of the school and thishelped the entire school to get educated individuals who have lost of patience along with thecourage to handle the kids whose behavior is different from one another.My concept of teaching toddlers
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