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Running head: EARLY CHILDHOOD HEALTH AND SAFETYEarly Childhood Health and Safety: Sun Protection PolicyStudent NameUniversity nameAuthor Note
EARLY CHILDHOOD HEALTH AND SAFETYFourinformation systemsresources1.Sun Protection: A Primary Teaching Resource, World Health Organization, 2003.http://www.who.int/uv/publications/en/primaryteach.pdf2.Sun Safety, KidsHealth.http://kidshealth.org/en/parents/sun-safety.html3.Be SunSmart, Play SunSmart, Early Childhood Resource,http://www.sunsmart.com.au/downloads/communities/early-childhood-primary-school/resources/be-sunsmart-play-sunsmart.pdf4.Sun Safety for Babies and Children by Raising Children Network,http://raisingchildren.net.au/articles/safety_in_the_sun.htmlPart A:a)Sun Protection Policy: Sun Protection Policies are responsibilities and duties of care inorder to minimize the health risks from harmful effect of sunrays. The policies can bedefined as certain policies that are implemented to promote knowledge and positiveattitudes regarding skin protection among children and parents (Harrison, Garzón-Chavezand Nikles 2016). These policies are used to promote awareness to develop protectionfrom skin cancer through improved lifestyle. The staff and children are guided by thepolicies to save them from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. These are designed to ensurethat the children are provided with sun protected outdoor environment. Sun protectionpolicies are effective to build independent skills for the children. The skills they willdevelop during the early education will help them to lead a healthy life in the future aswell.
EARLY CHILDHOOD HEALTH AND SAFETYb)There should be certain information discussed in the Sun Smart policies that clearly statethe responsibilities of the parents and the staff. They follow the instructions tosuccessfully implement the sun protection policies. It clearly should state that the staffmembers of the educational institutions including the centre leader, principle, educatorsare responsible for the implementation of the sun protection policies. Every educationcentre must be engaged in the sun protection policies supported by the governmental sunsmart program. The sun protection policy set by the educational site should be alignedwith the government policies. Following the Education and Care Services NationalRegulations the representative must monitor that the policies related to sun protection arein place and active (Turneret al. 2014). For the Sun Protection Program to becomeeffective SunSmart Services the departmental staff must follow certain strategies. Thestaff should monitor UV Alert on daily basis and they should take care of the children’suse of clothing, shade, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. The staff should consider theallergic reactions related to use of certain sunscreens. The staff should considerencouraging parents to give children with their own sunscreens. The policies should alsoprovide education related to role of vitamin D in cancer prevention and guide the parentsand children regarding maintaining vitamin D level. The safety and work health of thestaff should also be taken care of. Not just implementation, the policies must be reviewedat regular intervals. The local communities must be involved in the policy developmentand implementation in the educational site. The policies should be effective enough toremind the staff, committees, school associations and communities of their roles andresponsibilities. Finally the policies and the activities must be documented throughnewsletters, handbooks and social media sites.
EARLY CHILDHOOD HEALTH AND SAFETYc)The citizens of Australia suffer from skin cancer in alarming number. The over exposureto the ultra violate rays has been causing such great number of skin cancer and other skindiseases. Australia is one of the countries having large number of skin cancer victims(Olsen et al. 2015). Because of the increasing exposure to the Sun the people aresuffering from skin damage and skin cancer. This is even more dangerous in case of thechildren as during adolescence and childhood the damages get maximized. The babiesand young children have sensitive skin that raises the risk of sunburn and skin damage.During the early childhood services the children get exposed to the UV radiation,therefore the Sun Protection policies can prove to be effective here. It is noticeable thatmost skin damages can be prevented with proper care and protection. The sun protectionpolicies play significant role in controlling the UV exposure of the children. Theinappropriate exposure to harmful sunrays increases the risk of skin cancer for the wholelife for boys and girls under the age of 18 years old (Wallingford et al. 2015). Thereforethe sun protection policy aims to develop their knowledge and skill at the early age. Thesun protection policies are required to remind the staff and communities about theirresponsibilities to protect the children. Through the sun protection policies effective stepscan be taken to ensure safety of the children and staff from the harmful effects of the sun.d)The two selected sun protection policies from two childcare centres are as follows:1.Sun Protection Policy of Golden Square Kindergarten from Victoria2.Sun Protection Policy of Diamond Creek East Preschool from Melbourne.e)The Diamond Creek Preschool sun protection policy was developed with the associationof Victoria’s Cancer Council SunSmart Program. The policy was updated in 2016 and theELAA policy was also incorporated in it (Diamondcreekeastpreschool.com.au 2016). The
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