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Early Launch of System Assignment

Added on - 03 Mar 2020

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SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND MATHS, CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITYScenario 3: Early Launch of SystemAssignment 1: Doing Ethics TechniqueYour NameStudent NumberWord Count: 1000
Early Launch of SystemQ1. What's going on?The situation shown in the video has portrayed the issue of improvement of a softwareapplication developed by an IT organization. The project director of the company was tryingto convince the project manager to deliver the software to the client before it wascompletely developed. The main issue was that the encryption of the software was not fullycompleted. A general time desire had been set for guaranteeing the total usefulness of theitem created. He had been approached to take a few easy routes for in any case finishingthe project before the required time.Q2. What are the facts?Following are the facts about the given ethical situation,The scenario depicts the moral issues faced in an IT product development project in whichthe client organization had requested the project manager to deliver the proposed productahead of schedule than the planned schedule. This specific issue was raised and discussedby the project manager to their program chief. The project manager planned some typicaldates as per the pre-planned schedule for the operations and tests for the developedproduct. He had been asked and pressurized to take a couple of different alternative routesfor completing the project before preplanned schedule while compromising the quality ofthe required product (Rekha & Pillai, 2014). As the project manager knows in order tocomplete the project before the schedule then he would need to skip several importantquality tests that may result into loop holes and vulnerabilities of the completely developedproduct. It would not be legitimate and may realize making the thing defenseless withrespect to security.Q3. What are the issues (non-ethical)?The non-ethical issue of the situation is the specialized vulnerabilities of the item created.The item should contain putting away information and records of a huge number ofindividuals and clients of the organization (Rekha & Pillai, 2014). In any case, if the item hadbeen traded off and there exist powerlessness for being abused, the digital crooks andprogrammers would utilize that weakness costing the organization enormous informationlost or distortion. The information and data could be utilized for individual pick up too(Muhammad, Ahamd & Shah, 2015). In addition, the project manager had set a gaugespending plan and calendar of operations for the project. In the situation, by making him toYour Name
Early Launch of Systemconvey the project early, the project would be very harmful for both the user organizationand the developer organization.Q4. Who is affected?The engaged project team for this project and the client organization for this project wouldhave to confront immense commitments in case the developed product developed by them(project team) would not be proper and meting the customer's prerequisites set forproduct. The organization would need to confront the outcomes and lose their marketreputation because of the security vulnerabilities of the developed item by them(Muhammad, Ahamd & Shah, 2015). The customer of the client organization whosepersonal and financial data may get exposed due to the vulnerabilities would be equallyinfluenced by the multiple issues in this situation of ethical issues. The confidential andsensitive information of the user of the system would be liked out, which is very harmfulboth the client and developer organization. The main individual who might be profited fromthis problematic situation would be the hackers or the cyber criminals who may hack intothe system for abusing the information and data of the customers of the client organization.Q5. What are the ethical issues and their implications?The given situation for the client organization demonstrates the moral dilemma of an ITanticipate in which the customer had requested that the project manager to deliver an item(end result of the project) at his mentioned time rather than what had been planned for theproject. The project manager had been requested by the client organization in order to takealternate routes/paths for the completion of the project before the planned time for whichthe project manager would need to fast track the project and skip several important testsand take numerous easy routes and it may bring down the quality of the product and theitem defenseless as far as security concerns for which it is intended to be used by the clientorganization. Another issues is related to the pressurizing their subordinates for conflictingwith his/her will in order to complete the project. The exploitation of the availableinformation because of the security helplessness is another ethical issue in the givescenario. The information and data of a large number of the general population would getexposed due to the weakness of the product and would be abused by the cyber criminals.Q6. What can be done about it?The situation had demonstrated the moral issue of pressurizing your subordinates forconflicting with his/her will and the security weakness of an IT item where the informationYour Name
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