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BIOL 1010 Biology Assignment (PDF)

Added on - 16 Nov 2021

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Running head: ECOLOGY1
PART A – Biomes - Chapter 36 of Textbook
1)In essence, a biome is considered as a community of plants as well as animals based on
the common traits that they have for the environment that they exist in.
2)In case the world was perfect, I would have chosen the grassland. Apparently, the overall
climatic condition of grassland is generally hot, warm, and sunny. I decide to choose this
biome simply because grassland is always filled with beautiful wild animals. I am no
doubt fascinated about everything that one might find the grassland. Additionally, I have
always wanted to learn different parts of the world as well as biomes. In this light, I
intend to continue learning about new things that are related to grassland and its entirety.
It is sometimes good to know how people survive in the grassland and the activities that
they do. In the grassland, one is likely to come across animals such as giraffes,
hippopotamus, leopards, and lions (Donovan, Wonkka, & Twidwell, 2017). Grassland is
often large with rolling terrain consisting of grasses, flowers, and herbs. Primarily, the
overall latitude, local climate as well as soil in most part always determine the type of
plants that are going to grow in particular grassland.
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