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ECONOMICS ANALYSIS(MBSA1513)GROUP PROJECT (45%)Basic RequirementsLength Finished manuscripts should be between 5,000 - 6,000 words, excluding references. Thiswill be somewhere between 25 - 30 single-sided, 1.5-spaced manuscript pages. Reference StyleYou should refer to Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) forthe appropriate way to format in-text citations and the reference list. Tables and figures shouldalso be formatted in accordance with APA style. Suggested Chapter Outline§Introduction - A brief overview of the chapter, its theme, and purpose. § Discussion of your topic. What are the primary or related issues? Why this an importanttopic? Include historical or theoretical background or reference current debate, if relevant. § Proposed solutions. Examples of model practice, ideas, or programs. Practical ideas that canbe implemented on other campuses are especially helpful. § Conclusions and recommendations. Tables, Figures, Appendices In some cases, you may find that tables, figures, or appendices are needed to fully develop atopic or make it more accessible to the reader. Unless you are writing a contribution for aresearch-based book, the use of tables and figures should be limited. Quotes and Extracts All material taken from previously published sources—whether quoted directly or paraphrased—should be appropriately cited in the text and be accompanied by a corresponding citation in thereference list.

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