Editorials on 7 Eleven's Exploitation of Poorly-Paid Workers


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Article 1
The tyranny of 7 Eleven has been highlighted in DELE Ferguson’s article ‘7-Eleven head
office involved in wage fraud cover- up’ with the distress of the poorly-paid workers of the
company (Afr.com, 2018). Ferguson in the article strongly criticized the exploitation of the
employees by the company over the years. The exploited employees were the foreign students
who would come to Australia for the purpose of study. However they were not poorly paid and
exploited. Several times, The Fair Work Ombudsman Australia had conducted raids at the
premises of the company over a six-long years and filed report which stated the underpayment
practice by the company. The articled highlighted other illicit practices by the company like non-
payment of penalty for not keeping accounting records. The editor robustly condemned the
policies as well as the business model of the company and its recruitment policy of hiring only
the foreign students and underpaying them.
Before penning down the article, Ferguson gathered ample knowledge regarding the
policies of the company, the actual issues and the record filed after the joint raids conducted by
the four corners and The Fairfox media and used them in her article to reveal the actual fact. She
not only drew the attention of the reader to the illegal practices of the company but also
insinuated her opinion which strongly counters the business policies of the company. In terms of
economical perspective, the incident can easily be considered as the financial scam because 7
Eleven duped both the Australian government as well as the overseas student whose primary
intention to come in the country for the purpose of study. The scam of 7 Eleven was termed by
Ferguson as Australiafraudulant which denotes that the company cheated the interest of the
nation. The falsification of payroll records to non-payment of tax to government, and most
importantly the practice e of wage abuse were very much knew to the business heads of the

company as they closely monitor the entire business operation of company. However the
business heads and the higher authorities of the company claimed to have not knowing the issue
of wage abuse which was running over the long six months. This acclimation can easily be
refuted as the investigation report revealed that there have been many complaints lodged against
the ill practices of the company. The report also states that despite of several complaints, no
actions were taken by the authority rather they tried to hide them.
All of the ill practices including the inaction after the complaints were lodged clearly
shows that the company did follow the business principles rather it has violated all the business
norms as well as the norms towards the employees. As the company has affected the national
interest, the interventions of the government as well as the political parties are needed in order to
secure that the victimized students receive justice and the strict action is taken against the
company so that companies which are not yet aware and still involved in illegal practices like 7
Article 2
Australia’s one of the biggest convenience store chain not only violated the business
norms but also hit the national interest by poorly paying its employees who are mostly the
foreign students over the long six years. 7 Eleven, the company was found with non-payment of
taxes and the falsification of payroll sheets which has been regarded as the economic scam.
However, more than the economic interest, the company has violated the policies towards its
employees. 7 Eleven had been hiring the foreign students who come to the country for further

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