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EDU20004 Understanding and Supporting Behaviour

Added on - 30 Sep 2021

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EDU20004: Assignment 2: Foliotemplate
Resource 1Category
Sticky and attractive notes with a proper day-to-day scheduleRelationship with self
Resource focus: Individual child
Scenario: Margot
Rationale (500 word)
The main problem that can be identified from the scenario is that of the separation anxiety of Margot
particularly during the absence of her parents. This often leads to refusal to eat and sleep during the time of
lack of parental care (, 2019).
In this regard, the preventative approach that needs to be taken for Margot is to ensure that she is provided
with a good routine. This can help the child to remain safely in the learning environment and gain a feeling
of comfort while taking up courses in the learning environment
The best process that can be adopted to help Margot is to apply the Humanism theory. This theory states that
feelings of a person need to be acknowledged and supported (Eisenberg, Spinrad & Knafo‐Noam, 2015, p.
44). In this case it is necessary that the childcare centre acknowledges the feelings of Margot and
consequently abide by the facts that interest her.It has been seen from the scenario that Margot shows
proficiency in being attached towards other people. Her strength is the manner in which she can
communicate with every people in a sophisticated manner. Along with this she displays a deep attachment
with her parents. Therefore, the parents as well as the childcare centre can work together to understand the
learning environment and the things to expect within the environment.
A systematic process can be made that may begin after Margot is dropped off by her parents at the child care
centre. Within the facility, the people involved in taking care of Margot can provide her with a daily routine
each day. This process can be related with the socio cultural theory that takes place within the learning
environment (Cummings & Valentino, 2015, p.41). In order to incorporate the message, the childcare centre
can develop sticky and attractive notes that provide a schedule for Margot. It can also help Margot to remain
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EDU20004: Assignment 2: Foliotemplate
focused and have the knowledge that her parents will arrive on time to receive her from the centre. The daily
scheduling can help in developing a sense of cognitive mindset of Margot.
The psychology that can be related to such behaviour is that with a daily work schedule, Margot can be
engaged in the childcare centre with a clear sense that her efforts are acknowledged. This can also provide
Margot with the ability to control her life with the knowledge of the things that need to be done and to
maintain the schedule provided. Margot can be provided with a safe and positive environment that provides
her with support (Eisenberg, Spinrad & Knafo‐Noam, 2015, p.44).
Margot can develop a strong sense of identity which in turn can help her to feel accepted. She can use her
communication skills to develop positive relationships with people and ensure that she can trust the people
involved with the childcare centres. In this regard, the application of three psychological practises can be
witnessed. These include the responsiveness (ability to communicate with people), holistic approaches
(ability to maintain a routine on a daily basis) and continuity of transitions (ability to continue with the
assigned tasks on a daily basis) (, 2019).
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EDU20004: Assignment 2: Foliotemplate
Resource 2Category
Parental guide book on the manner in which father child
relationship can be enhanced
Relationships with others
Resource focus: Parent support
Scenario: Janine
Rationale (500 word)
The current scenario analyses the feelings that occur once a person or people are replaced in someone’s life.
The situation deals with Janine and the feeling she has while residing with her father.
Therefore, in this case the preventive measures that can be taken include development of partnerships that
provide a security in the relationship. At the same time, relationships between the concerned people need to
be respectful and reciprocal so that every party involved can lead a happy life (Sluckin, 2017, p.66).
The important element that needs to be addressed in this case is the fact that the replacement of uncle and
aunt in case of Janine has a strong emotion for her (, 2019). The fact that she is
unable to accept the fact is crucial in order to build her relationship with the people around her. At a tender
age, it is necessary to have friends so that the life can be shaped in a proper manner and social interaction
skills be developed (Singer 2017, p.55).
In order to maintain a proper and safe environment for Janine, it is necessary that a supporting environment
be provided to her. In this case, the scenario shows that the relationship that Janine has with her father has
affected her activities at school. Therefore, it is the duty of her parents to ensure that Janine get proper
response for her troubles so that she can be a part of the society in which she is brought up. Therefore,
humanism theory can be applied that can help Janine to maintain a stable relationship with her family
members. This can be done by the applicaton of socio cultural theory in which Janine can schedule time with
her parents and try to abide by the plans that has been set for her (, 2019).
On the part of the school, the same scheduling can be done with the parents so that they can understand the
change in the behaviour displayed by Janine. However, the main focus need to be on Janine’s dad as
evidence from the scenario states that after the arrival of the dad, Janine displayed emotional and mental
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