Education and Training in South Africa

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Running head: EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN SOUTH AFRICAEducation and Training in South AfricaName of the StudentNam of the UniversityAuthor note
EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN SOUTH AFRICA1Questions- Exit level outcomes/ unit standardsCommunicate in a variety of ETD settingsHow would you describe ETDP in SA?Education, Training and Development program has grown to be an essential programin the recent years due to the increase in requirement for skilled people.ETD program isessential in South Africa since many of the country’s human resources and the potentiality ofthe people is still unrecognized and not developed. The motive of the program is to enhancethe skill development process and boost the African economy.What challenges do ETD Practitioners experience when communicating with learners andcolleagues?There lie a number of factors that the ETD practitioners are faced with whilecommunicating with learners and colleagues in the world of advancements. Some of themajor challenges are:Language problem: Language is one the major components of the communicationsystem. ETDP often tend to fail when the practitioner is not well versed with the trainees’language. Besides language being one of the major ingredients of the culture, thepractitioners face gap in communication when there are trainees from different culturalbackgrounds.Different generation: Old employees often tend to shy away or refuse to respond andcommunicate in the training process due to presence of junior employees. Hence it gets toughfor the practitioner to continue the training process smoothly.
EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN SOUTH AFRICA2Design and develop learning programs and processes.How do unit standards impact on your design and development of learning interventions?Learning interventions are the set of standards for teaching an individual. Design anddevelopment of learning interventions are done keeping a standard so that the learner can beevaluated on the basis of the interventions. A standard based evaluation to determine thecapability of an individual is often associated by the unit standards.Unit standards are the title offered to trainees or learners after their accomplishment of allthe relevant outcome statements. Hence unit standards set up a benchmark or lists down theknowledge, attributes and skills required to be demonstrated. This helps in designing anddeveloping some standard learning interventions for learners.What would you say are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of OD ETD practice in SAat present?Education, Training and Development (ETD) program has been important for all thecompanies of South Africa these days. Employees are instructed to attend the programme ona compulsory basis and the organizations in South Africa are investing on these trainingprogramme by providing internal assistance or outsourcing helps.Strength:Identification of the area for improvement in an organizationAreas to modify or improve in case of employees or teamsEvaluation to understand the position of improvement done from previous casesImprovement of designs in learning programmeWell updated and tech savvy employees to compete in the tough market competition
EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN SOUTH AFRICA3Identification of unnecessary programme that do not contributes to the organizationstarget.Weakness:Employees search for better opportunities in better organization after successful ETDtraining.Old employees may find it difficult to cope up with the modern technologyTraining schedule hampers company productivityReluctant attitudes of managers and HR team often slows down the ETD processHow would you ensure alignment of OD ETD practice in your day to day practices?a.Communication in ETD settingsb.Skills developmentc.Organization of principlesd.Conditionse.Assessmentf.Design and Development learning materialg.Implementationh.Evaluation-criteria, mode, indicatorsFacilitate and evaluate learningList some of the different theories about how people learn.
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