Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management.

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management2Effective Approaches in Leadership and ManagementContinuous Quality Improvement and Patient SatisfactionThe Nursing practice requires many qualities. It requires specialised skills, knowledge andindependent decision-making skills. It also requires effective leadership and management toprovide continuous quality improvement and patient satisfaction. Quality improvement willbring significant effect in health care system. Implementation of better patient care policieswill cause a complete health care reform in coming years. Many projects are going ondifferent countries to achieve higher aims of quality improvement. We need to addressseveral aspects of health care.(Yoder-Wise, 2014).There is a requirement of reduction ofhospital acquired illness and proper patient engagement is a very necessary part of care.The management should plan better patient engagement and transform health throughtechnology. In this way, health care will be more efficient , effective and patient centred.Continuous quality improvement is required for better patient satisfaction. Patientinformation should be quickly accessible between the facility .Comparative AnalysisThere is a requirement of efficient tools for better patient satisfaction. The efficient use oftechnology is required to access patient information. There can be a special button offeringthem for proper engagement and also enable them to download personal care information.The patient can be given authorised access depending on the patient condition and age. Thispatient engagement technology allows the patient to explore many care option for himself.Also, this allows the patient to connect with more people with the similar condition. Theseapproaches have been already followed by GetWelNetwork to promote inpatient centredtools and resources. The work is at a very primary stage and the main motive is to improve
Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management3patient education and health care team which will increase the satisfaction among the patientsand caretakers.(Laschinger et al, 2014)Also, there is a requirement of adapting mobileintegration of mobile technologies which can be accessed for better patient care.Nurses require IT tools that support patient care . These tools include documentation systemwhich will support nursing workflow, also clinical decision support and data which canmonitor improvements. These new and advanced approaches need to be adapted andimplemented by the institute leaders. Nurses need to adapt the constantly changing workenvironment for the better treatment of the patient.The Theory of Magnet StatusThe nurse has to set higher standards and gain Magnet Status. Magnet status as defined byMiriam Hospital is a designation given to the hospitals for the creation of Magnet Cultures.This not only supports nursing practice but also supports decision-making at the bedside ,involving the nurses to determine nursing work environment hence providing better care andsatisfaction to the patient. The concept of magnet status came existence in 1980. This was tomotivate the nursing staff. Studies have shown that Magnet hospitals have excellent patientsatisfaction scores, safe patient environment, very few repeat admissions and patient overallhave a better outcome(MacPhee et al, 2012)It is important that the nursing leadership andmanagement should work together to achieve these defined goals. It is necessary torecognise, organise and accomplish the assigned task and also ensure staff participationneeded to achieve nursing excellence. The role of the management is to identify and utiliseresources required to achieve better patient satisfaction.
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