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Meeting outcome report
INTRODUCTIONEffective communication is very important for a company to maintain the smooth flow ofoperational activities. This helps the company to motivate their employees and with the help ofthat they can boost up their employees to work more efficiently and creatively so that they canavail the high quality product and services.Mr Fishy has conducted a meeting for some major issues and implementation of newpolicies to over come the communication barriers within the organization. This report includesthe evaluation of various communication barrier which take place within the company. Further itexplains the different strategies to overcome the barriers with the support of Literature review.The report ends with the different theories which a company can opt to overcome thecommunication barriers within the company.Literature review :As per Phutela, (2015), communication in an organization promotes motivation to theemployees by clarifying and informing them about the manner to perform the task and guidethem for the improvement in their performance if required. The author also states that thecommunication helps in assisting the control function of the company's management. Theemployees must follow policies of organization, perform their task efficiently and interact if anygrievance and problem with their superiors.According to the Quintanilla and Wahl, (2018), Language barrier is one of the commonbarrier mostly arises in the organization. At the workplace different employees have differentlinguistic skills this directly affect the communication channel across the organization. Somehowthe employees with different region would not be able to understand what information ormessage is conveyed to them. The another barrier as per the author is status barrier that isbetween superior and subordinate relationship. Position and status in the structure of thecompany is one of the fundamental barriers which block the free flow of information. Thesupervisor may provide selected information to their subordinates to maintain the status as wellsubordinate usually convey only the things which will be appreciated by their superior.As per the Yuriev and et.al., (2018), keeping routine check to the communicationssystems helps the organization to analyse the weakness if any occurred. With help of effortscompany can easily focus on whichever is appropriate the Informal or formal way of1
communication. This will help company to reduce the barriers effectively as before it occur andbecome critical for the organization, and they can implement the change if it is required.While according to the Ladegaard and Jenks (2015), communication system must beshort the company should directly convey their messages without involving the third party. Theconcerned person should be directly communicated to reduce the risk of distortion of facts as themessage will be passing through the third party there is the chance of filtration of messagegetting double.However as per the author view therefore Mr Fishy has to use different effectivecommunication strategies to overcome the barrier in the communication system and maintaingthe cooperation and respect among the employees. This will help company to increase theemployee engagement. Employees will be motivated and thus this reflects to the high level ofcreativity among them. Company can maintain the better workplace relationship among itsemployees and the management. This all components directly raises the productivity of thecompany with the high quality of products and services.Analysis and discussion - Barriers and challenges to communication :There are many barriers and challenges in the communication within the organization.Failure of communication leads to imbalance in the operational activities among the companywithin their employees and leaders (Nevala and et.al.,2015) . The barriers and challenges toeffective communication have different types which are as follows - Organizational Structure Barriers – There are numerous methods and approaches forcommunication at the organizational level (Kent and et.al., 2016). Each of this methodhave their own constraints and problems which may further converted into the barrier tocommunication (Thompson 2018). Communication barriers within the Mr Fishy arisesdue to lack of proper transparency given to the employees and misinformation providedto the employees. Emotional Barriers – The emotional IQ of individual determines the comfort and easewith the help of that they can communicate (Hargie, 2016). Matured person will beeffectively communicated whereas employees who are very emotional faces certaindifficulties among the Mr Fishy during the communication with their leaders and co-workers. A perfect combination of facts and emotions is important for the effective2

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