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Effective Leadership - Assignment

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Running head: EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP1Effective LeadershipNameInstitution
EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP2Effective LeadershipEffective leadership is a very crucial element in the success of any group or organization.The ability of a leader to learn and possess some special set of skills will help them becomeeffective leaders and earn the positive influence of the team that they lead (Sethuraman &Suresh, 2014). There are several leadership qualities that can make an individual an effectiveleader. In this essay, I will talk about a leader I have worked under at a company and the styleand approaches of his leadership. The essay additionally talks about communicationcompetencies, predispositions for leadership communication, use of strategic communicationobjectives, use of power bases, and contributing behavioral factors.There is one time I was working as an intern in one particular healthcare facility. I wasassigned to a group of other interns and we were mandated with caring for the patients. This hada very good leader who did everything to ensure the success of the team. His approach toleadership was about all-inclusivity and this ensured that every team member had a role to playin the final decision making. He is a leader I would describe as a participating leader. This isbecause he not only gave the directions but also took part in the group activities like any othermember. He emphasized more on a good relationship between the members of the team than thejob to be done because he understood that an effective collaboration and teamwork formed thebasis for the group’s success (Grimm, 2010). His effectiveness as a leader was determined by thefactors described below.Communication CompetenciesEffective communication is essential in a successful leadership. This leader appreciatedthe value of communication and he always strived to communicate his vision, priorities,
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