Effective and Successful Accomplishment of the Goal

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1MARKETINGQuestion: 1To,The CEOXXX organizationDate: 03/09/2017Sub: Particulars for the proposed board meetingDear Sir,It is being proposed that board meeting will be commenced in the next month.Accordingly, there are a few aspects that are being identified to be discussed in the meeting.Thus, for effective and successful accomplishment of the goal and objective of the meeting,some reports should be made ready which will be further discussed in the meeting.In the recent time, some issues are being aroused in the organization regarding thefinancials and the health and safety. Thus, we require some reports of the financials, operations,health and safety management. These reports are required due to the reason that they will help toevaluate the current situation in the organizations and modifying the policies accordingly.Moreover, it is also been identified that, operational issues such as issue with the employees isbeing generated. Thus, it is of urgent requirement that these issues should be effectivelyaddressed.Medical error and health and safety are the key area of importance for the healthorganization. Thus, reports regarding these factors should be made ready for the meetings.
2MARKETINGHaving all the reports ready for the meetings to will to effectively analyze the situations in theorganizations. These reports will also help the board of directors to have the understanding aboutthe current issues in the organization. Thus, it will be very helpful if you can issue a circularabout the requirement of the reports. For further any kind of assistance, please feel free tocontact.Thanks and Regards.

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