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Effectiveness Of Occupational Therapy Interventions Assignment

Added on - 21 Apr 2021

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Running head: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPYPatient Education— “Health Facts and the Role of Occupational therapyName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1OCCUPATIONAL THERAPYRole of Occupational therapy forrotator cuff problemHome Exercise PlanDiagnosis, Signs andsymptomsConsider this exercises to overcomethe issueAn occupational therapistoffers expertise toThe rotator cuff is caused by theoveruse of muscles and tendonover ageingThe rotator cuff is diagnosed bythe Imaging tests such asx rays to visualize thebone spur or arthritisultrasound- tocompare healthy andinjured shoulderMagnetic resonanceimaging showstructures ofshouldersSigns and symptoms of therotator cuff arePain, inability to performactivities of daily living,decreased strength, stiffness,muscle weakness, swelling andtenderness.TherabandExercise bands are used in resistance training, andit comes with various colour bands that givemultiple grip options. Some bands come withconsecutive loops known as CLXStanding on the middle of the band try to graspboth ends of the CLX sideways by taking up theslack. Try to keep the elbow straight and liftupward. Slowly turn while holding. It strengthensarms and shoulders musclesPendulum swing-Standing on the side of thetable and steady chair, and then placing theuninjured arm in the stable object and then lean forfurther stability. After that try to move the injuredarm slowly in the manner of the pendulum.Crossover arm stretch-Stand in the uprightposition and then relaxing the shoulder. After thattake few deep breaths for full relaxation. Thefollowing step will follow placing the chest belowthe chin and try out to reach as far as possiblewithout causing much tensionStanding rowThis exercise requires a stretch band that is tied tothe ends of the three-foot loop. One end of theloop is tied to any door knob. Face the door knobAccentuate the stretchingtechniqueIncorporate the activities intotherapy sessions- educate thebest way to put on shirts andminimize the pain doing thisexercises. For instance- placeobjects on shelves duringexercise as high as possible,motion while brushing teeth.Educate the person to avoidbending of elbows to finishthe motion.Hold the chair to ensure thatit can provide the propersupport.Ensure that the trainee is incomplete relax state of mind.While bending, it is essentialto ensure that the trainee doesnot feel pain in the injuredarea.Ensure that proper loop isThe rotator cuff is the common injury in the older population.Sometimes shoulder disorders as the cause of pain are underestimated. Itis the common cause of disability and greatly impacts the activities of daily living. It implies for the provision of community health services.Occupational therapists work with aged people to help them safely carry on activities of daily living despite age-related changes. Thefollowing were shared by the occupational therapy practitioners to improve mobility and increase independently. Physical exercises andweight training are known to prevent stiffness of shoulder. It is known for correcting muscle imbalance and improving stabilization.
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