Report on Effects of Myopia on Later Physical Activity Strengths

Added on - 03 May 2020

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Running head: EFFECTS OF MYOPIA ON LATER PHYSICAL ACTIVITYAppraisal – Effects of Myopia on Later Physical ActivityNameCourse NumberDateFaculty Name
Running head: EFFECTS OF MYOPIA ON LATER PHYSICAL ACTIVITYAppraisal – Effects of Myopia on Later Physical ActivityStrengthsThe Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children recruited pregnant women whowere expected to give birth between 1stApril 1991 and 31stDecember 1992. This recruitmentprocess achieved a sample size of 7159 children. Therefore, this is how the researchers achievedthe initial sample size for the study. At the age of 12, the researcher approached the children as acontinuity of the study and requested them to wear an Anti-graph that was aimed at collectinginformation on physical activity. Out of the total sample size, only 6622 of them accepted towear the gear. Data cleaning on the activity and autorefractor data led to a reduction of thesample size into 4880 children. Therefore, we can affirm that documentation on how the samplesize was achieved was effectively done.The description of how statistical methods were used to achieve the reported results wasdocumented. Multivariable regression method was used to describe the relationship between thephysical activity characteristics and myopic status. The models were categorized into twoshowing different levels of controlling for the confounders. This shows how effective theresearchers were able to standardize the effect sizes in the model. The multivariable regressiontechnique was also used to describe the difference in effect sizes of the physical characteristicsbetween the myopic groups. There does not seem to be cases of loss of follow-up, hence nodocumentation.The changes in sample sizes experienced in every stage of the study have been describedby giving valid reasons for non-participation. The reasons include failure to consent and datavalidity. Demographic statistics was clearly provided in the report. Describe the numbers andpercentages of myopes in the two groups; ‘best eye’ and ‘worst eye’. In the main results section,
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