Eight Habits of Highly Effective People Assignment

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EIGHT HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE1Based on the bestseller book of Stephen R. Covey “The seven habits of highly effectivepeople”, there are seven important habits that each individual should be following to achievesuccess in life. These habits are intended to enhance the inner skills of people and let them growas a person as well as achieve success in professional life. This discussion is going to presentthese seven secrets plus an extra eighth secret and discusses the ways by which an individual canuse these habits to become an effective bank branch manager.The seven habits discussed by Covey are being proactive, beginning with the end inmind, first things first, think win/win, seeking knowledge to understand first, then to understood,synergizing and the seventh one is sharpen the saw (Covey 2014). These seven habits are thebasal structure to achieve success and to serve a number of people through our work. Being abank Brach manager, the primary duty is to keep the belongings of thousand s of people safe andsecure. Several precautions are taken by the bank to keep these belongings safe (Jahanshani et al.2014). However, if the environment within the branch is not cordial and there is no coordinationbetween the staff, customers does not consider that bank a safe place to save their money orbelongings. Hence, the role of branch manager is very important, as it is his responsibility todevelop coordination between staff and customers.The first habit of being proactive defines one’s responsibility or response ability.Proactivity cannot be practiced as it is the sense of responsibility that comes from inside. I canuse this habit, as I am able to sense my responsibilities at times and can use resources andinitiatives to achieve success. This habit is to help me with making decisions in direct, indirectand critical problematic situations. My leadership quality, organization and communication skillsare determining factors, as without these I would not be able to understand the problem andconcerns of my staff as well as my customers. The second and third habit is about making correct
EIGHT HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE2decisions at correct time and estimating the result before commencement of any new project(Barna 2013). It is my duty as a branch manager to understand the effect of any implementedscheme for the betterment of customers and coworkers. Before agreeing to any new project orscheme, I will be assessing the result of those projects. Furthermore, I have to make weekly andmonthly goals for my team so that it is easier for them to track their success and I can get an ideaof their weaknesses and lags, for amendment.According to the fourth habit, I should be implementing different ways to motivate andinspire my team to perform better every week and month and share their experiences andaccountabilities while achieving those to influence others to achieve the same. Fifth and sixthhabit is to maintain balance between the organization and customers. Fifth habit makes meunderstand the need to listening to the problems of customers as well as my team staff. Being aproactive manager, I will be looking for ways to help my customers and giving accuratefeedback. Whereas, the sixth habit makes me demonstrate different problem solving skills usingdifferent alternatives provided by the staff. Finally the seventh secret that demonstrates the fullstrength and highest ability of each individual of the team (Barna 2013). This habit will enhancemy ability to motivate the spirit and capability of every team members to achieve ultimatesuccess.The abovementioned seven habits are to improve me as a leader and enhance my abilitiesto understand the needs of customers as well as my team members. Further, there is another habitdemonstrated by Stephen R. Covey namely “the 8thhabit: from effectiveness to greatness”. Thishabit talks about the importance of human voice (Covey 2013). The human voice can be utilizedto inspire, influence negatively as well as positively. People generally use their voice forspreading spiritual, body, mind and heart related talks. Whenever we are completely involved in
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