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Electronic Commerce In Use Of ICT | Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-19

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Electronic Commerce In Use Of ICT | Assignment_1
1E-PORTFOLIO3 Impact of E-Business Strategies on the Organizational ProcessesElectronic Business (e-business), is an application of ICTs (Information andCommunication Technologies), which helps in supporting all the operational activities ofbusiness. Commerce can be seen as one of the most important and essential activity of everya business that constitutes the exchange of services and the products between the individuals,groups or businesses. The primary focus of electronic commerce is the use of the ICTs inorder to enable the external activities and relationships of the business with the otherbusinesses groups and individuals (Spieth, Schneckenberg and Ricart 2014). E-business canbe referred as the business with the help of internet in other words doing business on theinternet network.Effective and development use of e-business technologies resulted in the possibility ofthe foundation of supply chain management in the organization. The use of this technologycan be helpful in the supply chain management of the organization and the organizationalcollaboration with the foundation of supply chain management. It is being expected that theperformance of the organization can be enhanced or improved by the organizationalcollaboration and the information sharing system. After testing, a model has been proposed ofthe relation between the performances by using the empirical data. The use of e-businesstechnologies in the organization and the organizational collaboration, the offered model isdifferent from the past research in which the collaboration is perceived in the manner of twounique constructs by differentiating the inter-organizational and intra-organizationalcollaboration. Based on the findings it can be said that the use of e-business technologieshelps in creating an impact on the performance by both indirectly and directly, which can behappened by the promotion of both measures of collaboration (Bordonaba, Lucia and Polo2012). Another finding shows that the intra-organizational collaboration has capability to
Electronic Commerce In Use Of ICT | Assignment_2

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