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Electronic Media, Technology, and Society

Added on -2019-09-16

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Electronic Media, Technology, and SocietyMedia Portrayal and Health MessageHealth is the most important and crucial factor, which has raised concerns in the whole world due to changing the environment. The increase in lifestyle and medical expenses has forced people to adopt various pro-health behaviors to limit the effect of diseases on their health. Healthis a very wide area and domain, covering various issues. But there are certain health issues that can be limited by changing daily habits and routine. Advertisements play a pivotal role in establishing a connection with the people regarding the concerns and imparting knowledge regarding several health parameters. This is attributed to the reason, most of the people watch advertisements and consider it to be a reliable source of information. Its easy and quick access has offered a great potential for advertising health issues and counter measures. Advertising using multiple or specific sources helps to raise awareness and target a larger population. One of the health message being advertised is the "Daily bacteria – Healthy Gut." As catchy and interesting it sounds, this advertisement and slogan have caught the attention of several persons, and they have inquired regarding the same. This health message was directed to impart knowledge to persons regarding gut-associated problems, which are very common and frequent among people of all age and gender. This problem is related to eating habits and changing lifestyle. The people were addressed about issues like improper digestion, diarrhea, gas problemsand low metabolic rate, etc. All these problems can be limited and inhibited by consuming these good and healthy bacteria on a daily basis, which are scientifically referred to as ‘Probiotics.' These microorganisms are very useful in improving the gut as they adhere to them and can even kill cancer-causing agents. These microbial strains have been improved in scientific laboratories to impart more functionalities, without having any side-effects. Target AudienceThe most important factor associated with the role of this health advertisement is that it is not limited and contained to specific age and gender. It applies to any person and at any stage of life.The advertisement covers one of the most common health issue and counter measures to tackle them. The consumption of these bacteria will increase the metabolic rate, absorption of vitamins and minerals, kill harmful bacteria that may cause ulcers and gastric problems. In some cases, it is reported that these bacteria also limit the growth of bacteria that may cause cancer. The

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