Electronics Engineering at Reputed Organisation

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SHAFEEQ REHMAN MOHAMMEDEmail Address: shafeeqr@gmail.com and Contact Number: 055-3171761Temporary Address: PLEASE FILLPermanent Address:PLEASE FILLOBJECTIVESTo be focused and highly motivated to work in the area of Electronicsengineering at reputed organisation. I am committed to life-longlearning and looking to grow both professionally and personally. Ibelieve my education and experience will cater to organizational needsand requirements.ACADEMICQUALIFICATIONS2009-2010Masters in Business Administration (Major in Financeand Accounting), University of Technology, Sydney2003-2007Bachelor’s of Engineering (Electronics andCommunication), St. Joseph Engineering College,Mangalore, India. ACADEMICPROJECTSProject 1: LFO tank farm construction in Hamriyah Power PlantProject 2: Implementation of Gas Leakage Detector and AutoDialingControlSystemProject 3: Development of electronicaly controlled valves, itssoftware installation and configurationsWORKEXPERIENCE 2011-PresentProduct Engineer, Al Moosawi Trading LLC2007-2009Assistant Manager – Inside Sales (Business Development,ITC InfoTech India Ltd, Bangalore, India1 | P a g e

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