Element of Value Base Care.

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Element of Value Base Care1 Assignment Element of Value Base Care Student Name: Student ID: Course Name: Course ID: Faculty Name: University Name:
Element of Value Base Care2The Nursing practice requires many qualities. It requires specialised skills, knowledge and honesty, integrity. There are many aspects of nursing practice. It includes the type of client, different disease management. We should treat each patient equally without any discrimination. This relation is based on mutual respect and trust. It is a helping relationship in which we should be sensitive to self and others. Providing physical, emotional, spiritual support to the patient and their family.( Anonson et al 2014)Care is the fundamental part of the nursing value. It is important to considered a patient as a whole rather than a particular part of him diseases. It is important to understand a patient’s need and the amount of care it requires because of the suffering. (Hoeve et al 2014)We must have the ability to understand the patient’s pain and concern. A non-caring attitude makes thesuffering of the patient worse.Caring is the term always associated with nursing. Larkin, P. J. (2013). The nurse's behaviour should be holistic and the actions should aim at creating and maintaining an environment which will support healing. To support the nursing profession the nurses need toengage themselves in a broad range of activities when enacting professional roles. There should be a deeper understanding of the term care. There are multiple levels of care. Caring comes with professional experience. It may have a different meaning for different nurses. The concept of care depends on different factors. It depends on the amount of professional experience, the level of nursing education, professional values and how and where the nursing skills and concepts are being applied. The caring concept is central to the nursing practice. It requires a great amount of discipline and dedication to follow. There should be intentional and conscious caring. This will bring out the best of the nursing practices from you. Being a nurse means you have to be fully present in that moment and take proper care ofthe patient. It is all about having a trusting, helping and caring relationship with the patient. This should not be limited to the patient but also should be extended towards the other staff
Element of Value Base Care3and most important the caregivers of the patient. (Anstey, S., Powell, T., Coles, B., Hale, R., & Gould, D. (2016). This gives a positive feeling in the patient and the caregivers. Caring is a very integral part of nursing. It is important to engage yourself in genuine care by learning through various experiences with the patients. This will come with years of practice and dedication. Caring is an art which has to be studied but more than this it is an attitude in life which nurses should flow for the patients and also the people around them. It is a there duty to create a healing environment. Researchers have proved that if a patient is given adequate care and timely medication it can even have miraculous results. For terminally ill patients care is the most important thing they required. This may add few more months or years in their lives. Caring is the most important aspect of the nursing profession. As we know that in old age many patients suffer from lack of care. A proper caring institution can give relief to old age patient in many aspects (Gélinas, C., Fillion, L., Robitaille, M. A., & Truchon, M. (2012). Communication is also very important to us, patients and also their relatives. By effective communication, a comfort level with the patient is developed by which patient conveys his pain, fear, shares anxiety.( Riley, J. B. (2015) Listening is a very important mode of communication. It requires nursing skills and attention. By this, we can access the situation and problems of the patient. By being a good listener nurses can provide care at all levels of recovery.A suffering person and its family members require support. This requires great sensitivity. We need to be knowledgeable and should carry enough experience in nursing to deliver sensitive information in a proper manner. Confidentiality is a very important aspect. We mustknow what kind of information to be given and whom to be given. We should not give any wrong kind of information or right information to the wrong person. It causes a negative impact on the patient and the institution.

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