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Running head: ELEMENTS OF THOUGHTSElements of ThoughtsName of the student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1ELEMENTS OF THOUGHTSThe elements of thought have two essential dimensions of Thinking. The firstdimension is the identification of the part of thinking and the second dimension is theassessment of which part of the thinking to be used in which situation. There are 8 elementsof thoughts as mentioned by Paul and Elder. The army officials have tomake criticaldecision in their lives. The decisions are so critical that, they may determine the declarationof war or peace among two or more countries (Vego 2013). Therefore, it is important that thearmy officials use the elements of thoughts while they make decisions. However, as argued by various experts it has been seen that the elements of thoughtsare idealistic and might not be appropriately used by the army officials while they makecritical decisions (Bertoch et al. 2014). For example one of the element of thought highlightthat all reasoning has a purpose. However, while making critical army decision thiselement of thought might not be used. Moreover, the elements of thoughts also highlightsthat always reasoning tries to figure out something and to solve some problems (Vego 2013).However, in real life while making critical decisions the reasoning might not be just anattempt to solve a problem. Elements of thoughts also highlight that all reasoning is based oninformation and evidence. In the real life scenario, the army officials often make decisionsthat are based on perception and have no strong evidence.However, in making critical army decisions, elements of thoughts might not befollowed theoretically. The elements of thoughts provide the basic guidelines for decision-making. The army decisions are based on various strategies and diplomacy rather than simpleapplication of reasoning by collection of information and evidences (Bertoch et al. 2014).However, it is true that the army officials make the decision under the guidance of the 8elements of thoughts, but there are various others important elements which the armyofficials have to consider while decision making (Vego 2013). Thus, it could be concludedthat army officials are not actively influenced by the 8 elements of thoughts, however

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