Elevator Pitches and Case Discussions

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Elevator pitches and casediscussions
PART AElevator Pitch for Topic- Organization PlanningQuestion: How and why organization planning is done?Response:Planning is done in VOCUS world to identify an organization's immediate and somelong term objectives in order to formulate and monitor the specific strategies so that a firm canachieve those defined goals. It has been analysed that it imply staffing and some resourceallocation and that is why it is consider one of the most important responsibilities of amanagement team. Planning is quite necessary for VOCUS group because through effectiveplanning, an organization can meet the defined goals with some ease and promptness.It has been done by the managers of a firm in simple steps such as by establishing the mainobjectives, by determining the investment style, evaluating the investment, choose betterinvestment plan and execute those plan as well.Elevator Pitch for- Managing StrategyQuestion:What are the problem which a company may face and strategy used to overcomethose?Response:There are many problems which company faces such thatNon- compliance with the laws and regulation: This is the common problem because when abusiness is dealing with global level, then sometime sit did not adhere with all laws and thus, itaffect the brand image.This can be minimized by introducing committee that monitor whether the laws are comply ornot.Not monitoring the performance:It is not possible for a firm to monitor the performance ofall employees and as a result, it affect the business performance.It can be overcome by using Key performance Indicators such as Benchmarking, corporategovernance so that the employee performance can be analysed.Not using the advance technology:small firm generally did not uses advance technology intothe working place because of its high cost and thus it affect the business overall performance.It can be minimized by using Artificial Intelligence and company should use different softwareso that it will help to save time and money.Elevator Pitch for – Shaping organizational culture
Question:What is an organization culture and best suitable culture for PicNet?Response:Organization culture is the underlying beliefs, assumptions and values, ways ofinteracting which further contribute to the unique and simple environment of a firm. It has beenanalysed that most of the IT firm should use Roles culture so that it will help a business toachieve the defined goals and objectives. Apart from this, using role culture in the workingenvironment so that it will help a business to achieve the defined goals,. Further, by using roleculture, the employees of PicNet can easily delegate the roles and responsibilities as per theirspecialization and their educational qualification so that the culture of the company can bemaintained and employees are also working in effective manner.PART BCase discussion Activity for Can a strong culture be strongResponse:As per the case study, it has been analysed that a strong culture helps a company toimprove the financial performance, morale of the employees, motivates employee for achievingthe goals and objectives. In the same way, Parivar which is a Chennai based IT services and theCEO of the firm also treated the firm like his family and also followed big brotherly loveconcept. Though the company is quite smaller and it also pay salary lower than market shareand only this differentiating factor support business and its strong culture also helps theiremployee to stay connected with the firm only. On the other side, it also conduct someprograms in which junior and senior come together for brainstorming the ideas. Even thoughwhen the company also receive the notice from 100 employees for leaving the firm which Is nottrue.This can be overcome by one of the team member of Parivar because the working culture of thequoted firm is 'People Support Function' and some of the other employees of a firm also thinkthat in the firm, the culture is little more over involved In the personal life of people, which isactually not true. Therefore, this concept is accept by most of the employees in the firm andthey also think that it is about making life in company enjoyable and enticing, competitive andsupportive as well Garvin, Natarajan & Dowling, (2014). This idea is mainly introduce to createa feeling of goodness within a firm so that all the employees of a firm feel that they are alsovalued and positive with regards of the company's working environment.
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