Public Health Assignment | Ellie’s Poor Diet

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Ellie’s Poor DietEllie liked to eat candy, jellybeans and cookies. He could eat them every time.“Ellie, you must stop eating cookies, candy and jelly beans from today,” mum said to him oneafternoon.“Okay, Mom. I have stopped,” Ellie responded.When mum is away, Ellie could sneak and eat candy, cookies andjellybeans until his stomach is full.When mum was at home, Ellie went to his bedroom and closed thedoor. While inside his bedroom, he ate many boxes of cookies.“I love cookies very much. They are my best food. I can’t stop eating them,” Ellie smiled.At supper that night, Ellie was not feeling hungry. He took two olives, one pea and two stringbeans.While leaving the table, Ellie thought, “It is not a problem not eating mum’s food. I have a lot ofcookies I can eat.”One day Ellie got a great surprise.Ellie needed a new shirt.When Ellie went with mum to buy the shirt from the store, all shirtswere too small for Ellie. None of the shirts fit Ellie.
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