Emergency Department From the Mental Health Client's

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Emergency department fromthe mental health clientsperspective
INTRODUCTIONThe aim of this critique paper is to advocate for improved services, preventive andcomprehensive psychiatric care in emergency department.As the landscape of mental healthservices from last few decades, has much improved that provide effective care to psychiatricpatients. Concerning on most severe as well as chronic mental health related problems,emergence department of pharmaceutical therapies has shifted care to outpatient setting.Therefore, being centred on asylum and long-term care of patients, mental health system caresystem has become more decentralised, community-based and fragmented array of ill-people(Taylor & Gibson, 2016). The paper hereby taken, is written by Anat Drach-Zahavy who hasmade investigation to determine the concept of mindful triage. It also describes some practicalinterventions of this system to identify if short communication open access has improved thequality of care services, within emergency department of mental health centre.Under this research paper, the author mainly described how Triage, an initial assessmentof mentally retarted individuals presented at emergency department, help in diagnosing currentstate of them. For this purpose, some principles have been given in this scholarly article. In thisregard, main aim of present assignment is to critically analyse the merits and drawbacks aspectsof authors’ perspective.CRITIQUEAccording to the article given by Anat, it has been evaluated that emergency departmentwithin mental asylum faces growing demands, longer waiting timss and rising acuteness (ShortCommunicationOpen AccessMindful Triage: Improving the Quality of Care of Patients withMental Illness in the Emergency Department,2019). In this regard, people make complaint thatill-patients sometime sent back to the queue and their concerns are not considered seriously. Thissocietal stigma has affected their care in emergency department that sometime leads to causedeath. Therefore, to improve this system it becomes essential for long-centred mental institutionsto implement effective, efficient as well as accurate triage systems become crucial(Leland & et.al., 2017). Triage refers to initial assessment of mental patients who admitted in ED, to diagnoseand prioritize the current state of such patients as quickly and accurately as possible, so thatproper treatment can be given on time.
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