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Emerging Media Technologies Report

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Added on  2019-09-21

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Emerging media technologies have vastly empowered customers to decide whether or how they want to receive commercial content. Consumers are no longer passive recipients of marketing communications and the real challenge for a marketer is how to regain the customers’ attention through the clutter.1.Web-based technologies can be combined with traditional media to build a successful marketing communication campaign. Cite two specific examples of companies/brands using this combination approach and discuss what made these campaigns successful. Did the two use similar techniques?2.With the help of relevant examples, can you describe how modern technologies can be used to promote interactivity between the product and the customers? In this context discuss the use of social media to generate excitement around a brand. Can you cite any recently launched new products that have managed to achieve this?Required Readings1.Integrated Marketing Communications and the Changing Media Landscape2.Killian, G., & McManus, K. (2015). A marketing communications approach for the digital era: Managerial guidelines for social media integration.Business Horizons, 58(5), 539-549. doi:10.1016/j.bushor.2015.05.0063.Schulze, C., Schöler, L., & Skiera, B. (2015). Customizing social media marketing.MIT Sloan Management Review,56(2), 8-10.Retrieved from, V., & Mirchandani, R. (2012). Increasing the ROI of social media marketing.MIT Sloan Management Review,54(1), 55-61.Retrieved from, G. C. (2014). How Facebook is delivering personalization on a whole new scale.MIT SloanManagement Review,56(1), 1-6.Retrieved from ReadingsMedia StrategyROI for Alternative Media
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