Empathy Gaps of Person With Another Person


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The empathy gaps can be defined as the limits in understanding of one
person with another person.
The most important aspect of this idea is that the understandings of human
are ‘state dependent’.
When a person gets angry it is very difficult to understand what a person
like to be calm, and vice versa.
When a person completely in love with a specific person, it becomes difficult
to imagine the life of not being in love with that person in future.
People rarely listens or understands the feelings of the other people whom
the person do not like.
The areas which lead to the creation of empathy gaps are Culture, Social
conditions and socialization, Political, Educational level and systems,
Experience of life
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The case study is about an Australian born woman of 27 years
of age name Carly who was suffering from substance abuse.
She started consuming alcohol after the death of her mother.
She was also a victim of domestic violence and sexual and
physical abuses.
She also experienced certain psychotic episodes in which 6
voices were telling her at the same time to kill her neighbors.
Previously she was diagnosed with acute drug induced psycho
affective disorder and was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
The substance abuse was the only reason for the patient to
suffer from such mental issues.
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