Employee And Labour Relations.

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Running Head: Employee And Labour RelationsEMPLOYEE AND LABOUR RELATIONS
Employee And Labour Relations2IntroductionThe current study is conducted for shedding light on a case study based on employee and labour relation of a US-based company. For the purpose of the current study, the definition of unfair labour practice is stated here along with an analysis of unfair labour practice claims and position of Union in a company. Description of the caseAccording to the given case study, a US-based company uses to operate through 700 convenience stores around the county. In one of these stores, an on-duty sales assistant was murdered. This news was publicized widely, and employees of the company raised complaints against it for the absence of proper security measures. Due to a phone call made by 15 sales assistants to the union with a request of unionisation, the union sent its representatives to sixty stores of the and left cards for union authorization.After two days, the company notified the union about its injunction it has made during the prior union campaign which has prohibited solicitation on the company’s property.On the next working day, a meeting held by the company with its store managers regarding the improvement of workplace security for employees. In the later week, the company has conductedanother meeting where 200 sales assistant took part, and the officials of the company told them to raise the complaints against the management and to retrieve their union authorization cards. Employees raised their voice in the following areas –to get less than 40 hours to work/week not having breaks not getting payments for overtime work

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