Selling Employee Labor Relation Plan


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Argument used to sell the planThe impasse procedure plan has been prepared as per the instruction of state legislature.The respective plan can be used by number of parties such as trade union and company etc.However, with an aim to sell the respective plan to the interested parties, number of tactics willbe used (Khoreva, Vaiman & Van Zalk, 2017). In accordance with the given context, it can besaid that the plan will be sold to the union by showcasing the benefits of implementing the same.In accordance with the given context, different features of the plan will be shown to the parties.Thus, it is through this way only they will be influenced with regard to purchase the specific planin an effectual manner. Herein, it will be said that the plan will possess a third party dispute resolution procedure.This means that an individual who does not belong to the group of the disputed party will take adecision in the given plan. The given thing will influence the union with regard to purchase therespective plan. This is due to the fact that due to the involvement of third-party biasness intaking the decision will be reduced. Thus, the union people will also have the confidence that theperson will not do any kind of injustice to them. Thus, it is through this way only the union willgive their positive consent in relation to the plan. However, it has been argued that third-partydispute resolution procedure is good but it involves a very lengthy process with an aim to resolvethe doubt that an individual will have about their work (Obushenkova, Plester & Haworth, 2018).Thus, the given thing could create a problem in the process of selling the respective plan to otherindividuals. Besides this, the plan will be sold through its worker strike-related feature. Here, it willbe told to the union that as per given plan workers can go on for the strike in the situation ifmanagement is not showcasing any concern with respect to their discontentment. Overall, it canbe said that it is with the help of these two major points only the formulated plan will be sold tothe union in an effectual manner. 1
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