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Views about seniority-based teacher layoffs

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This article discusses the views and opinions about seniority-based teacher layoffs. It emphasizes the importance of evaluating teachers based on their performance and not just their experience. The article argues that performance and efficiency are more important than the time spent as a teacher in the school campus. It also highlights the role of education in the better growth, development, and performance of the students.
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EMPLOYEE LABOR RELATIONS DISCUSSIONS QUESTION 2Views about seniority-based teacher layoffsA layoff is the process by which a person or a group of persons are either suspended or terminated based on certain personal or professional reasons. So, the Seniority based teacher layoff means that the senior teachers becomes unemployed or lose their jobs after a certain age. Performance plays an important role in the life of both the teachers and the students. It is due to the better initiatives of the teachers that the students are able to gain better growth and success in both the personal and the professional life. It is possible as the teachers are able to provide the students with better knowledge and skills helping the former to handle difficult situations properly. During the time of layoff, the teachers should be monitored and evaluated based on their performance, efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom while teaching the students. They should not be judged based the gained experience for long years of teaching but should be judged on their job performance and skills. The reason is that it is possible the teachers irrespective of their age and experience may not be able to give their best in teaching the students while managing the classes properly (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). On the other hand, the new teachers with less experience are able to perform their responsibilities efficiently and effectively by using new skills and techniques along with knowledge. Second, it is possible that the teachers are able tomotivate the students to give their best by solving the problems with proper solutions. This kind of attitude is possible only through performance and efficiency and not on the time spentas a teacher in the school campus. Fourth, it may be difficult to engage and motivate the students to work hard for accomplishing the targets. The reason is that the performance and better initiatives can help a teacher to help in the overall development of the students. The final reason is that the students can also get a good opportunity to learn and improve themselves by learning new things from the experiences of the teachers. The experiences are
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