Human Resource Management in Organization

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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTAs per the case study, there is a number of issues that the Human Resource (HR)department faces in running the department as well as the organization. The HR must considerthe issues at the highest priority in order to resolve the same for the wellbeing of theorganization. The most severe issues are:Employee Turnover and Retention:Employee turnover is one of the biggest issues that the HR department of the firm faces.The retention of the existing staffs within the organization is a challenging task for the HRdepartment. There are some situations both within and outside the organization that causes thehigh employee turnover. The turnover is capable of disrupting the firm’s image and affects thefirm’s sustainability.Employee turnover, at the same time impacts on the firm’s productivity.Solution:Employee retention is considered as the fine balance among the remuneration, companyculture and the incentives. The HR department of the firm must handle the disrupting situationeffectively by providing each staff the proper combination of all the three to prevent theturnover.On the other hand, effectual leadership is also capable of retaining the existingemployee o the organization.Productivity:The productivity is another major issue that is dealt in the HR department. Theproductivity of the company is determined by the competency of the employees. If theproductivity is low, the HR is responsible to solve the issues by identifying the lack ofcompetency within the employees.
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