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EMPLOYMENTAGREEMENTWe, the members of Group ____, accept the conditions of employment at ourcompany. The specific conditions of employment are recorded in the CODEOF CONDUCT which we have developed and attached.This Code reflects the minimum level of performance that is expected of anygroup member. If a group member fails to meet this minimum level, theymay be subject to repercussions as follows:1.The first time a group member fails to meet theirresponsibilities, the group will meet as a team to give a verbalwarning to the neglectful member. This warning will include threecomponents: the section of the Code of Conduct that the personviolated, suggestions for improving their performance, andstandards to evaluate improved performance in the future (i.e.,making the group’s expectations explicit). This written warningshould be documented on the FORM WARNING #1. This form mustbe signed by the group members and filed in the permanentemployment file with the Human Resources Director (i.e., ourprofessor).2. The second infraction by a team member should result in a writtenwarning documented on FORM WARNING #2. This should summarize thehistory of the problem and corrective actions that have been attempted.Again, this form must be filed with the Human Resources Office (i.e. ourprofessor). If desired byanymembers of the group, the Human ResourcesDirector will be available for mediation among the group members.3. If the problem persists, the group may move to terminate their groupmember. To do this, they must complete the official MOVE TO TERMINATEFORM, and schedule a final mediation session. If the result of this sessionis, in fact, termination, then the delinquent group member will beremoved from the group, therefore receiving no points for future groupactivities.Signed:
CODE OFCONDUCTWe, the members of Group ____, have developed the following guidelines tomanage our group activities. This Code specifies the minimum expectationsof appropriate behavior for each team member and will be used to evaluateany potential problems.If, in the future, we determine that the rules specified in this documentshould be modified or supplemented, we may produce a revised Code ofConduct and file it with Human Resources (i.e., our professor). At that time,the revised version will become effective and the older version will be null.(Use additional pages if necessary)
WARNING #1:DOCUMENTATION OF AVERBALWARNINGThe members of Group ____ met with ___________________________ (membername), on _______________ (date) to discuss problems with his/her behavior.As outlined below, we determined that conduct to date has not met theminimum level established in our Code of Conduct. However, we are workingwith this member to rectify the situation and have established standards toevaluate their ongoing performance.Section One: Violation of the Code of ConductBriefly describe the problems that you have experienced with the groupmember:Section Two: Recommendations for Improving the SituationBriefly describe the potential solutions that were discussed:Section Three: Standards to Evaluate Future PerformanceWhat level of performance, specifically, will meet the group’s expectations?All members of our group are in agreement that this information has beencommunicated effectively, and we are all making an attempt to rectify thesituation.Signed:
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