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Law2To,Supervising solicitorSubject:breach of employment lawThis letter address different issues related to the employment law, and all these issues areaddressed below:1.It is possible to dismiss the person from their employment in following situations:when employment of the person is terminated by the employer, orWhen employee resigned from the employment but this resignation was forced bysomething the employer did.Employment law introduced different general protections for the purpose of:Protecting the workplace rights of the employees.Protect freedom of association.It provides protection to the employee against the workplace discrimination.It also provides effective relief for those persons who have been discriminated in theorganization or experienced unfair treatment1.In other words, it is not possible for employer to take any adverse action against theemployee because of an attribute of that person, which includes race, color, sex, age,marital status, political opinion, etc. In the present case, employer dismisses the Marybecause of her political opinion. Therefore, employer breaches the general protectionlaws of the employment law.2.Following are some remedies which can be seek by the mark against her formeremployer:If dispute related to general protection laws are resolved through the Commissionconference, then parties to the dispute should sign a settlement document which result informal agreement. It is possible to customize the settlement for the purpose of reflectingthe parties’ agreement. It also includes details of compensation or steps to be taken, aswell as issues related to the privacy or non-disparagement terms.In case person seeks court remedies for breaching the general protection laws of the FairWork Act 2009, then the Courts have power to:Issue a penalty in monetary form.Court can make order for reinstate.1Fair work commission, General protections dismissal, <https://www.fwc.gov.au/termination-employment/general-protections-dismissal#field-content-3-heading>,accessed on 16thMarch 2018.
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