Empowering Users of Health and Social Care

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Empowering Users of Health and Social CareUnderstand how good practice in the administration of medicine is essential for users of health andsocial care services.Effectiveness of policies and procedures within ahealth and social care setting for administeringmedication.All the above cited policies, code of practices aswell as procedures are highly effective in administeringmedication as they provide the framework regarding it.These policies and procedures helps in safeguarding the illpractices in medication. Different kinds of policies help toensure that ordering, recording, maintenance and disposalof drugs must be done in a proper way. Policies andprocedures helps in providing framework according towhich the prescription will be provided by the doctors. Italso suggests the norms regarding the medication that willbe used for recording all the details related with medicineand the amount in which it has to be given to the users. Italso suggests about the disposable system that will be usedfor disposing different kinds of medicines. There are someof the medicine delivery equipment like injections have tobe disposed in a proper way so that it may not get incontact with other people. These policies provide a properguideline of how the various kinds of medicines will bestored and distributed among the patients as per theirrequirement.Current legislation, codes of practice and policy thatapply to handling of medicationIt is essential that all the employee complies with the rulesand regulations made by the government as well as code ofpractices developed by various companies in the industryto make sure that any kind of glitch does not occurs in thepractices. It is the role of the managers to ensure about this.For doing so managers can give timely training to theiremployees regarding the code of practices as well aspolicies in this regard. Employees have to make sure thatthey handle the medicine in a way that maximum benefitcan be achieved through it and users do not aver to suffer.In this regard the equipment’s must be used as well aselectronic management of records is necessary. Expiredmedicines needs to timely replaced with the new ones. It isalso necessary that timely meeting in this regard must betaken so that all the information’s of every activity withinthe workplace can be exchanged with the officials andproper actions can be taken according to it. This also helpsin resolving the issues that has occurred in variousoperations of the firm as well as providing the desiredtreatment to the users.. Some of the major legislations inthis regard are:The medicines Act 1968Health and Safety at Work Act 1974The Misuse of Drug Act 2001The Misuse of Drugs Regulation 1973Code of practices in this regard are:Medicine management Policy, Code of Practice,September 2003: It was the older code of practice.The Aneurin Bevan Health Board Medicines Policy2008: It aims to reflect present practices and incorporatesnew development and alterations in legislation and the keyprinciples that underlines it are quality, legal and safepractice.
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