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Empoyee Motivation2Empoyee MotivationMotivation is the process of increasing perfoemance through creating conditons that meetthe conditions of employees. Lecture slides present theories of motivation by focusing onpositive reinforcement factors through extrinsinc rewards and at the same time meeting intrisincfactors needed by employee. The theories presented are reinforcement theory, Hezberg’s twofactor theory and Masslow’s hierachy of needs. In the video Pink (2009), analyzes the failures ofpositive reinforcement through the reward system by giving examples on how use of the rewardsystem filed. To him, the talk is about the puzzle of motivation presented as a battle betweenintrinsic motivators and extrinsic motivators, autonomy, mastery and purpose against carrot andsticks. This essay analyses similarities and differences between the two resources on motivation.The key argument put forward by Pink (2009) is the use of intrinsic motivation patternsthat have been partly discussed in the lecture slides. In the notes, there is the Herzberg’s twofactor theory which talks about intrinsic factors that appear in motivation. In the video, theargument is based on the use of autonomy and intrinsic factors to motivate employees.Autonomy has been used as a factor that motivates employees by giving them the freedom towork the way they want (Schultz & Schultz, 2010). For example, the results only workenvironment was used as an illustration of how autonomy can motivate employees to achievebetter results. The lecture slides points out on the use of motivation factor in the theory toestablish conditions that make the employee motivated. These conditions include satisfaction,recognition and the work itself. This similarity appears in both when employee conditions aresimplified to allow the employee to make choices in their own work. The common factor thatlinks the two resources is the creation of work conditions and autonomy that allows theemployee to enjoy the work environment and yield more results.
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