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Running head: ENABLING REMOTE ACCESSEnabling Remote AccessName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note:
1ENABLING REMOTE ACCESS1. The system administrators currently create the Ken 7 users in every computer wherethe users require access. There are few steps that would help the users in connecting to thenetwork eventually. They could complete this step with the help of a specific dial up connectionor any VPN or virtual private network connection (Jaha & Libya, 2015). Any dial up connectionneeds both the client computer and the server computer for properly configuring the modem.This client or the server makes a connection on the analog public telephone networks. Theremote users can easily identify themselves by means of remote access authentication. Thiswould also make the connection safe and secured. 2. The procedure for making any change to the account details or the passwords of theusers is much different from the remote users. For the remote users, this procedure or processcomprises of three important steps. These steps are as follows:i) The first step is the setting up of RADIUS authentication. The server profile eventuallyidentifies all the external service for authentication and provides necessary instructions. ii) The second step is the creation of an authentication profile. It would be responsible foridentifying the specific server profile (Maiti, Kist & Maxwell, 2015). The password changemessage is added in this step. iii) The final step is the committing of the configuration.3. The specific administrators should connect to the SQL server for allowing a single useraccount to be utilized for the local and remote access. This would eventually restrict the overallaccess of the existing local users and the network would be secured. Moreover, the connection tothe SQL server would also be responsible for securing the database and hence this databasecould be utilized by the users.

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