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Encourage a healthy diet among older people

Added on - 03 Jan 2021

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In the early age, cultural aspects, learning languages and travelling challenges restricted (Capacci, Scorcu and Vici, 2015). In 14 centuryChristopher Columbus sailed westward and vasco da gama cruised to country for earn money then business travel has been integral part oftourism industry(Cave and Brown 2012).Early tourism started with Nomads whotravelled around the world in search of food and shelter. Main intension of this traveller is to gathered food and traded around the world andgave rise to the barter system (Capacci, Scorcu and Vici, 2015).1500 BC is marked as the era when the Europeans visited pyramids and thusdeveloped the tourism for pilgrimage.Early tourism started with Nomads who travelled around the world in search of food and shelter. Mainintension of this traveller is to gathered food and traded around the world and gave rise to the barter system (Capacci, Scorcu and Vici, 2015).1500 BC is marked as the era when the Europeans visited pyramids and thus developed the tourism for pilgrimage.Encourage a healthy diet among older peopleThere are several ways to encourage health dietamong older people in order to maintain balance of requirednutrients like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A, B6, C, D,E. Initially, it is essential to select food with suitable textureto eat properly and cut food into pieces by grinding,chopping, modify to make suitable to eat by senior citizens.Moreover, add flavor using herbs like ginger onion, garlic,coriander, pepper so that people can take taste of food and eatore interestingly everything. Provide small a frequency mealto digest easily.Health problems caused by poor diet and their impactsThe poor diet is responsible for reducingconcentration of required nutrients & minerals in humanbody which impacts negatively on functioning of differentorgan systems. It includes that dietary deficiencies areresponsible for developing different healthy problems inolder people. However, the health problems caused by poordiet consist obesity, tooth decay, high blood pressure, poorcholesterol, heart disease & stroke, type 2 diabetes,osteoporosis, depression and so on. Improper food intakereduces nutrition amount in body as required which impactnegatively on organ systems. The unhealthy eating affectnutrient intake, proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids,vitamins and minerals.The digestive systems break down food withcarbohydrate released as glucose into blood stream to whichpancreas respond by secreting insulin but high amounts ofcarbohydrates regularly result as insulin spikes. However, itwill create problems of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance &weight gain and extra body fat is response for developingheart disease that is not favorable for functioning ofcardiovascular system. Moreover, issue of overweight orobesity may generate respiratory problems like asthma andshortness of breath in older people. Unhealthy eating hassevere long term side-effects on central nervous systemsincluding depression and reproductive systems also getdisturbed in terms of balancing hormones.Human body consist number of organ systems whichperform their own function on daily basis which ensurehealth of an individual. It includes digestive system,respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, endocrinesystem and many more. However, non- functioning orimproper performing of these systems in human bodycreate situation of disease and other health problems inpeople.Common dietary problems in older peopleThere are several dietary problems which arefacing by older people due to that insufficiency of desiredproteins and minerals take place on body, hence causediseases. Some of these issues are as under –Chewing difficulties – The older faced problemregarding chewing the food due to loosened teeth, ill-fitting dentures & decreased saliva secretion. They avoidcertain things to eat like grains and tough chewed itemswhich results into reduced nutrition in body and createhealth problems.Reduced taste – It is observed that older peopledid not enjoy their food because of reduced taste buds dueto which they do not eat everything which also developdietary deficiencies. However, it will create problem infunctioning of organ systems which may facilitate tohealth issue.Poor digestion or appetite – This include thebehavior of senior citizens of less eating than normal andtake more gap between two meals due to poor digestion.RECOGNISE HEALTHY BODY SYSTEMS
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