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Energy and Building: Measures for Conservation and a Comparative Study of Juneau and Encinitas

Added on -2019-09-20

This article discusses the measures adopted by Juneau for energy conservation and compares the energy consumption of Juneau and Encinitas. It also highlights the similarities and differences between the two cities. The article emphasizes the importance of creating awareness among people regarding energy conservation and encourages the citizens to react in an informative way. The study is based on the research conducted by Rinkinen, J. in 2013.
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ENERGY AND BUILDING1Answer 1: The demand for energy was reduced to a certain extent because of adoption ofseveral actions which can be classified into Behavioural and technologicalTechnological changes- The stores started piling up their inventory with insulation and power strips toconserve the electricity.The temperature of room was also lowered in electrically heated buildings.The Juneau citizens installed compact fluorescent lampsBehavioural Changes- Many local organizations along with citizens of Juneau launched a campaign tospread awareness about measures of conservation and also about encouraging anysubsequent actions required.There were many tourists who were expected to visit Juneau that summer. So citizensplanned to educate and alert them so as to take their cooperation to save energy(Rinkinen, J. 2013).The Citizens of Juneau reduced their usage of lights and started keeping it off whennot in use.
ENERGY AND BUILDING2Answer 2: Encinitas is a coastal city located in southern California and has small populationsize. Encinitas is similar to Juneau in the sense that it is also located near the sea area and thestandard of living and lifestyle of people are almost same in both the cities. The food habits,weather conditions and other demographic factors are very similar to each other. However,Encinitas is considered as more fascinating than Juneau. Even though Juneau is morecosmopolitan it is also more crowded, and crowded places are more stressful in terms ofEnergy consumption, resource utilizing, employment etc. Similarly, Encinitas being a touristattraction is definitely more expensive than Juneau but still is more beautiful. For example,while Juneau has more bustling streets, the streets in Encinitas are quieter and narrower.Encinitas being an island and coastal city surrounds itself with crops, mines and forests. Inaddition to this, energy resources and transportation facilities are lesser in Encinitas thanJuneau.Therefore, due to lack of any kind of industrialized setup near Encinitas, very lessamount is spent on energy and transportation as compared to Juneau. Most people inEncinitas are engaged in farming and other agricultural activities. Whereas people in Juneauhave good opportunities to work in corporates and industries.This also gives a picturethat inJuneau the energy consumption is high as compared to Encinitas which may conclude that therequirement to conserve energy in Juneau is more as compared to Encinitas. The maindifference between the two cities centres around three main criteria which are City census,transport facilities and opportunities and number of industries. Thus few similarities anddifferences between Juneau and Encinitas are depicted below in tableau form whichoverarches the significance of measures adopted by Juneau and their implications over wholeworld.

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