ENG5001 Professional Skills in Engineering

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Running head: Professional skillsProfessional skill of engineeringName of the student:Name of the university:author note:
PROFESSIONAL SKILLS1Overview The present report is the project plan put forward to reflect on EngineeringApplication Ability pertaining to EWB project. The setting of the project is Mayukwayukwacamp that provides services to near about 8000 individuals. The project would focus on fourprimitive areas associated with health. The first project would be on refrigeration of vaccineswithout the use of electricity. The second project would be on alternative methods forequipment sterilisation. The third project would be on the application of dust masks forpeople working in Hammer Mill. The last and fourth project would be on the usage of localmaterials for menstruation projects of women. The projects outlined in the present reportwould look into health perspectives from the point of view that is socially, economically andculturally sensitive. Sustaining projects that have an association with the health of individualsof the wider community is of much significance speaking on engineering grounds. Initiativescan only be successful when they are sustainable and are not in a position to be abruptlyended. For redefining the broader scopes of the project, economic and social sustainabilityare kept side by side. Strategies are developed that ensure that the acceptance of the projectproposal is at all levels within the community. It is up to the community to understand thecapacity of the projects outlines to ensure their success. Financial, administrative, andtechnical guidance and assistance are required for this (Price 2016). There was only a clinic in the Mayukwayukwa camp which serves a total of 8,000 people ofthe refugee camp. This clinic consist of four qualified staff, 19 of them were support staff andone clinician. The clinic use to monitor every people and their problems. There were 15 to 50people came to the clinic for their health problems, which includes diarrhoea, malaria,pneumonia and other services such as birth of a child, post-natal care and the persons who aresuffering from HIV.
PROFESSIONAL SKILLS2This clinic mainly depends on solar energy and diesel generators used for the refrigeration ofimmunizations and the utilization of the computer. However, right now there is insufficientpower to run different apparatus, which means that there is some medical apparatus in the labthat can't be utilized. A case of the impacts of such control deficiencies can be found in thewater cleansing systems utilized at the centre. An electric sterilizer is accessible at the centre,however can't be keep running because of lacking force supplies. However, hardware at thehealthcare clinic are cleaned utilizing a fire-controlled autoclave which is being heated on aheater that is being controlled by a fire from wood or charcoal. The clinic gets its watersupply by running the pump. This pump can be run with the help of generator and it can bedone only once every day. At different circumstances, water must be gathered from a tube-well situated outside the wellbeing centre. Gathering water utilizing the hand pump can takeup to 20 minutes during the dry season and is a significant applying movement for themedical caretakers.Project 2.1: Refrigeration of Vaccines without Using ElectricityIn this part there is a description of storing the vaccines in the health clinic ofMayukwayukwa refugee camp. A review has been conducted on different types of methodsthat are available in the camp for the utilization of solar energy used for refrigeration. Thereare various methods that can be used for the solar refrigeration such as desiccantrefrigeration, absorption refrigeration and adsorption refrigeration (McCarney 2013)As there is no source of electricity in the refugee camp, so the solar energy is used to run therefrigerator. These types of refrigerators are used to store the medicines and vaccines at theirrequired temperature for preventing the spoilage. Solar refrigerators were introduced forreducing the use of kerosene or gas power that was previously used for refrigeration process.In Solar refrigerator, the energy is converted to DC current by the help of solar cells, known
PROFESSIONAL SKILLS3as photovoltaic panel (Del Pero et al. 2015). These cells are the semiconductors which allowthe conversion of solar energy to direct current. The current which is generated is used to runthe compressor of the refrigerator. This current is used to run a DC motor attached to inverteris used to convert the current for running the refrigerator.Source:www.ijert.orgSolar refrigerators are commonly used by developing countries for helping the poor peopleand reducing the harmful effects caused by the CFCs released by the refrigerator. Here inthis project it has been aimed to make the solar refrigerator effective, so that it can be used inrural areas for the storage of medicines and vaccines without using high expenses. Technical specification of solar refrigeratorThe refrigerator used from solar energy has the ability to run on low costs and a longer lifethan other cooling systems. The solar refrigerator was designed and evaluated by thegovernment of Australia. A PV panel was made which consist of three modules connected inseries for obtaining the required voltage.

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