Engineering Construction Dissertation

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Engineering Construction1Engineering ConstructionAn Essay/Dissertation Paper on Marketing ByStudent’s NameName of the ProfessorInstitutional AffiliationCity/StateYear/Month/Day
Engineering Construction2AsphaltThe definition of asphalt is a black or brown, tar-like substance that is used to cover roadwaysand is usually mixed with gravel.Types of asphalt1.Coal tar pitchThis is a type of asphalt that results from coke production. It is the byproduct of black residuethat remains in the distillation still after the process of distillation has been completed. Moreover,this type of asphalt is usually similar to the refined tar with an exception to its physical properties(Oikonomou, 2005). The most common method to distinguish this asphalt with the refined tar isthe substance softening point. The tar pitch does emit a special smell when heated to hightemperatures.2.Petroleum asphaltThis is the residue of crude oil after distillation. The asphalt is usually dark in color with a shinyoutlook. It is also resistance to very high temperatures and contains little volatile organiccompounds due to the high temperature that it is usually subjected to the distillation process.Even though, there are usually some hydrocarbons that exist which can cause danger to humans.3.Natural asphaltThis kind of asphalt is usually found deposited in the underground as a result of theiraccumulation over time. Fortunately, such asphalts are usually harmless to humans due to theirnatural evaporation and oxidation.
Engineering Construction34.Porous asphaltThis asphalt allows water and other liquids to pass through the ground surface into theunderground beds. This type of asphalt is found below the car parking lots where they assist inthe enhancement of stormwater so as to improve its quality as it seeps underground.5.Hot Mix AsphaltThis asphalt is the most recommended for the construction of the driveways. This is because itgives the best design features and finished appearances. In addition, it is usually strong and canwithstand thawing and freezing. The hot mix asphalt is also resistant to salt water and requireslow maintenance (Zimmermann, 2002). Generally, the asphalt is the cheapest among the types ofasphalt discussed above.6.Mastic asphaltIt is also known as sheet asphalt. It contains fewer amounts of bitumen content. As such , it is themost suitable for the construction of floors, roofs, footing paths.Key ingredients of asphalt
Engineering Construction4ImportanceAggregate do play an important part in providing strength to concrete during the constructionprocess. In addition, the transition zones of concrete is the region between an aggregate andcement paste and is responsible for providing compressive strength to cement (Hollon, 2001).Properties of rock typesAlthough aggregate is considered inert filler, it is a necessary component that defines theconcrete’s thermal and elastic properties anddimensional stability. Aggregate is classified as twodifferent types, coarse and fine. Coarse aggregate is usually greater than 4.75 mm (retained on aNo. 4 sieve), while fine aggregate is less than 4.75 mm (passing the No. 4 sieve). The
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